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Unboxing the HTC One S- 08.25.12

android0.jpg We bounce around a lot of phones here at NOTCOT ~ but my primary phone has been an HTC for some time now (from the G1 to the hero to legend to the sensation) and others at NOTCOT have been loyal iPhone users as soon as newest models launch. Something about the iPhone UI and design i’ve yet to completely give in to ~ and HTC has always created lustworthy hardware that feels inexplicably good in my hand… and their HTC Sense OS built on android is always so slick and intuitive and customizable, for a while i actually started to think i just liked android, but the last few weeks we’ve given up both an iPhone 4S and the HTC Sensation and Shawn and i have been side by side trying the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One S, only to have me realize while i like Android, i really like Android the way HTC Sense handles it… the Samsung Galaxy S III doesn’t feel nearly as good physically, and the subtle differences between what’s possible in their UI/UX makes quite a difference. The color handling in the camera is great, and it’s definitely at a level where random cell phone shots are becoming good enough for blog posts when i don’t have a proper dlsr with me… Anyhow, take a peek at the unboxing of the HTC One S and a few of my favorite UI details on the next page! Their attention to detail on the design and packaging is impressive!

Nearly all of the recent NOTlabs instagram pics are from the One S!

I love the silly way they help you get a feel for the size on their site -


“Stunning design. With a ceramic, super-dense finish that is three times more durable than stainless steel, this stunning phone is the thinnest yet and has the final touches worth mentioning.”







Love the touch of blue… part of it’s being SO thin means that this is all that opens, and the battery can’t be removed… so far battery life has been pretty decent, but left on throughout the day and letting things run in the background, it certainly needs a charge while i sleep.


Cute handwritten notes on start up to introduce new users to how things work… ones8.jpg

I love the clean clock/weather widgets they have… and the new world clock where you can spin the globe around is beautiful! android1.jpg

Lots of photo options! android2.jpg

… and instagram like lens/filters you can apply… android3.jpg

CAR MODE! A nice sideways, giant button filled UI… android4.jpg



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Although I DO agree with everything you say, the most valuable feature for me these days is a removable battery…
With all that ROM flashing and semi-bricking, you ALWAYS need a way to get the battery out…

----- someone755 08.09.12 05:10

I agree the One S is an awesome phone. It feels great in the hand and has an impressive battery life. The UI is very slick. I hope HTC can continue to innovate and not be pushed out by Samsung.

----- Terry 07.09.12 20:55

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