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Skora Running Shoes Unboxing- 08.23.12

skora0.jpg Firstly, let me just put it out there that i’m no runner. I’ve tried a few times, still trying to get in to it… and i’ve been loving the Nike Frees for a while now. When Skora’s designer, Richard Kuchinsky, reached out to me, i wasn’t sure i was the right person to try out their new shoes… then he told me they had amazing packaging, and i was hooked. What’s the story behind this new Portland based minimal running shoe line? “At SKORA, we look at things differently. We believe that running shoes should be built to encourage running performance that is as biomechanically correct as possible, with minimal interference. Our footwear lets people run naturally. Run Real is our philosophy and we stand by it.” Beyond the way these new running shoes help your running performance, there are a lot of beautiful patterns in the packaging and on the shoes, as well as nice clean branding! Check out the unboxing and a peek at all the details of the women’s Skora Base and Form running shoes on the next page.










Love that their insoles are designed such that you can wear the shoes comfortably without them as well ~ and they have nubs on the whole sole that make it more comfortable when barefoot. skora9.jpg

The goat leather is even softer than you’d expect - the pink is BRIGHTer than i expected… skora10.jpg

The black and white patterned parts of the sole reminds me of morrocan tile patterns. skora11.jpg


Nice detail that they have adjustable velcro on the heels… skora13.jpg




Trying one of each! They are both really comfortable and light (the leather lighter than you’d guess) ~ the blue ones are definitely more breathable and roomier… i think i like the fit of them having the laces better so far… skora17.jpg (don’t mind that my legs got imprinted by the grass i was sitting on while shooting the earlier pics!)


Perhaps the strangest angle to view the shoes from ~ looking down, lifting your heel up skora19.jpg

here’s a peek at the fun diagrams Skora has explaining how to run… skora20.jpg

… and how the shoe’s technology helps you! skora21.jpg

Also, there’s a great interview with Designer Richard Kuchinsky! skora22.jpg

Will be trying out running around with these ~ but on first impressions, love the packaging, and wish the women’s line had some of the color palettes the men get!

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beautiful shoe, I love the packaging

----- mario 26.08.12 13:53

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