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Tuscan Trees + Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake- 09.16.12

firenze0.jpg Currently in Florence, Italy with Mercedes-Benz to try out the new CLS Shooting Brake. It’s quite fun (esp the AMG one) ~ and even prettier in person! Josh Rubin of CoolHunting and i were driving together for much of today, and as we went from airport to castle to florence and such, we were ultimately hunting for the ultimate tree/forest lined spot to shoot some car pictures… and as i was driving, Josh suddenly found the perfect spot and although we had to go a few twists and turns before being able to safely turn back to make it up the street he spotted, it was totally worth it!

Welcome to Località Lilliano near Poggibonsi, Siena, Italy. It is one of the most magical streets you’ll ever wander down. The trees are AMAZING. The way they branch… the lush green color… the way they line the whole street… the way the sunlight dances through the leaves and off the matte designo magno white paint job of the CLS Shooting Brake… SO. before i crash this 3am, i had to share these pictures of the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake and the trees on the next page!!!

There’s something very Rorschach looking about some of the tree images!

So we fly into Florence, and literally FROM the airport, they put us right into the cars and sent us on our way!


… and then we find streets like this off the route, and simply HAD to drive down, and run around, and do a little photo shoot!



(please note - there’s a button that changes the ride height, and i happened to still have it up when i took this photo!) firenze5.jpg











Want to see it for yourself? Take a peek on Google Street View!

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Still looks amazing, even better than on the small camera screen :) Bummer you guys forgot to put the airride back to normal :(

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