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Mal 1956 Lounger- 09.23.12

mal1.jpg You just have to try some things in person. I never thought the idea of a classic eames lounger molded in plastic would be as fun as it is in real life… There’s something about a certain type of molded plastic seating that will always remind me of little tikes. Rugged enough to take what a little kid can throw at it ~ easy enough to clean (aka pressure wash off) when left outdoors.

Here’s the Mal 1956 Lounger - “The 1956 is the first product of Mal, a young Eindhoven(NL) based label by Bob Copray and Niels Wildenberg. The Mal 1956 is a plastic (PE), rotational molded product, which is extremely suited for outdoor use. The chair has an ergonomic design. It is solid but it is very comfortable. It has been designed with a subtle drainage system to prevent stagnant water from collecting in the seat. The Mal 1956 can be cleaned using water along with common household cleaning products.” As described in the NYTimes - “Coyly called Mal 1956 — “mal” is the Dutch word for “mold,” and it also means “silly,” Mr. Wildenberg said — the chair and accompanying ottoman are made of polyethylene powder that has been heated and rotated in an aluminum mold.”

I must admit, i’m tempted. It could be far too fun to sit and spin around in it in the backyard! The pictures on the next page pretty much speak for themselves ~ see some fun press images and pics from Superbrands London!











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5 Notes

I like the design, think I may have seen similar from Interform Contract Furniture before for their Hotel range.

----- Lauren 09.07.16 09:36

Do you think it would stand up to a Florida Summer? I like the design.

----- Lila 07.12.12 04:46

The furniture posted in the post is of very high quality , the plastic chairs with colorful backs are making the premises more attractive, it is easy to clean the langer as it is made totally of plastic material.

----- aldisgreen5 28.09.12 05:27

i had similar feelings…but i still find it very interesting and visually appealing, so for me it has a right of existence. in the end, it’s an hommage for the original eames, not just a copy. and it’s not easily done as well,i guess producing the moulds for this chair was neither easy nor cheap!

----- Phil 25.09.12 10:18

Uh, “idea of a classic Eames Lounger”? More like a direct knock off! I realize this is produced in a different light than the original but c’mon. Really? I would like to believe originality composes around 80-90% of good design. Just because it acknowledges it’s roots doesn’t mean it is not a blatant copy or even resembles “good design.” Are there really no more New Ideas?

----- BillyBuck 24.09.12 06:18

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