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Moringa Color Changing Mugs- 09.20.12

moringamugs0.jpg While exploring Tent London today ~ we were instantly smitten with Budapest designer, Molnár Réka’s Moringa line of fun nature inspired kitchen goods. First drawn in by the adorable Fox Tea Towel, which actually makes use of the way a tea towel naturally hangs… and then won over by the color changing mugs!!! The Mushrooms grow and the rain drops disappear when you add a hot drink! And the leaves and bushes disappear to reveal birds and bunnies and more!

Since we unfortunately couldn’t see these mugs in action while at the fair - we had to buy them and bring them home! And they are so amusingly magical in person, we made some videos (to go with the many other detail shots and booth shots!) for you to check out on the next page!

Here is the mushroom mug in action! Mushrooms grow ~ rain drops go away…

See the leaves turn into birds ~ bunnies and other surprises appear!

Both mugs look really fun being cooled in cold water…










And here’s the fox tea towel back in the london kitchen! newmugs7.jpg

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