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Recycled Wine Bottle Roof: Anupama Kundoo- 09.04.12

roof1.jpg Another Venice Architecture Biennale discovery ~ architect, Anupama Kundoo, has an interesting way of using recycled materials for construction and a fascinating system of Terracotta Interlocking Tubes (“Hollow burnt clay tubes are stacked to achieve catenary vaults that require no structural steel. Substructure such as wooden rafters in terracotta roof tile applications are redundant as the system is self supporting. Neither is shuttering required. This leads to an insulated roof based on locally produced materials and quick assembly.” ~ when you combine recycled materials like cut wine bottles with her tube stacking style, she has created an interesting way to create a glass roof made of wine bottles! And the shadows are beautiful too! Take a peek at the details on the next page!

roof2.jpg All you need is a basic rotary glass cutter…

roof3.jpg We couldn’t help but wonder why it needed the support frame under it ~ it’d look more elegant and intriguing without it ~ and in theory should hold just fine!



roof6.jpg I love that the shadows created resemble spinal x-rays or bamboo…

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The glass bottle vault is meant to stand without the metal frame as you rightly supposed. All vault guiding frames in the installation are left in place to show the construction process but also due to local regulations and safety concerns. In the original wall house in india the terracotta vault stands without frames since 15 years.
By the way, the frames are not designed to support the vault, they are not strong enough for that. They are guides that help maintain the shape. So the vaults are in fact self supporting.

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