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Ford has Liu Bolin disappear cars- 10.24.12

fordart0.jpg Chinese artist, Liu Bolin, made quite the stir in the art/internet world with his “Camouflage” series of photographs where he painted people to be completely disappeared into urban backgrounds… Now, Ford has tapped him to create their latest print ad campaign to “Prove How All-New 2013 Ford Fusion ‘Stands Out’ in Competitive Midsize Car Segment”, as their press release says, “New Fusion makes other cars on the road ‘disappear’.”

Last month, we were invited to join them on the set out in Rancho Cucamonga and see how the disappearing of the cars happens… check it out on the next page! (And a time lapsed video of the few day shoot too!)

Here’s one of the print ads that will start to pop up all over… fordartAD.jpg CLICK THE AD TO VIEW LARGER

Here’s a peek at Liu Bolin’s work… fordartAD1.jpg

And now for a peek behind the scenes of the photoshoot!


They turned a handtruck into a rolling workstation that gets a live feed from the camera’s perspective. Liu (guy with the bag) oversees everything from this computer. fordart3.jpg

Liu gives commands to painters that mark locations on the car where different paints will be applied. The radio feed on the set sounded like “left, left, left, down, mark it!” He has to make sure that the perspective lines are perfect which can be very difficult with the curves on modern cars. fordart4.jpg

The crew first makes chalk marks on the base paint and then connects the dots. Sections are then taped off to make sure that paint colors do not bleed into one another. fordart5.jpg

Liu occasionally walks up to and starts drawing on the car without looking at the camera view. His understanding of perspective and projection was mesmerizing. He was often within 1/2”. fordart6.jpg

Once the first marks were made painters would begin to roll on large sections of paint. fordart7.jpg

Throughout the entire process Liu is double checking that the painters are working within the tolerances that will give the desired effect. fordart8.jpg

They taped up a transparent paper (like the ones you use on overhead projectors) on the computer screen to draw out the background lines. The analog trick worked well! fordart9.jpg

This camera was locked into position for nearly 3 days. The cord running out of the side went directly to their rolling workstation giving a real time feed as the crew worked. fordart10.jpg

From the perspective of that camera, you can start to see how all this work starts to come together. fordart11.jpg

Everything from the tree to the bricks on the sidewalk have to be accounted for. fordart12.jpg


They mixed colors to match the set’s materials even down to the color of the grout. fordart14.jpg

The Audi, Toyota, Honda, and Volkswagen all disappeared from the right perspective. fordart15.jpg

We got to peek inside the new 2013 Fusion!


The brick on this side of the car was used in a previous shoot the day before where cars were facing the opposite way. fordart18.jpg



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