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Mark Hoppus’ Octopus- 10.02.12

hoppus1.jpg On surprise packages that arrived while i was out of town… this amazing box came from Mark Hoppus ~ the play on his last name has created/enhanced his affinity for octopi, naturally having one as his personal logo. There’s not much to say here ~ the goodies pretty much speak for themselves… letterpressed. octopus. in a top hat! thats the coaster… and also some basic octopus logo stickers and a baseball cap. Check out the details on the next page! (Thanks, Mark!)







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HOW CAN I BUY THIS HAT?!? Please please please let me know!!!

----- Needy Natalie 28.07.14 13:01

I want those stickers soooo bad!!! Jealous Jean

----- Qwux 03.10.12 07:09

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