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Nike X-Ray Skeleton Printed Tights- 10.25.12

skeleton0.jpg Perhaps perfect for halloween workouts - “The new Nike Women’s Exclusive Print tight is a performance based pant for the athlete unafraid to make a statement. On the outside, she might be the girl next door, but on the inside, her body has survived grueling workouts, often pushing through pain, broken bones, pulled muscles and harsh tears. With images of X-Ray bones digitally printed on the outside, the exclusive print tight gives a glimpse of her inner toughness.” says the press release. Even crazier is that it says, “The print on the front looks like a normal X-ray, but the one on the back reveals broken bones, screws and hip replacements, providing a glimpse of the athlete’s inner toughness in the face of grueling workouts and pain,” on the Nike Pro Printed Skeleton Tights product page. Sounds a bit more horrifying for those who see you going rather than coming at them…








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Where can I buy a pair of the Nike Skeleton tights? I’d LOVE a pair!! Thanks so much for your help in advance.

----- Erin Cheney 02.04.13 14:16

Looks like they’re ripping off Black Milk!

----- Laura 29.10.12 08:55

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