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NOTlabs for Chris Yates: Baffler Clear Editions!- 10.29.12

clearbaff0.jpg They’re here!!! For those following on twitter/instagram, you’ve been seeing peeks of NOTlabs turning into a laser cutting puzzle factory… cutting 50 limited edition Chris Yates Studios’ Bafflers in the first CLEAR editions! The first 25 will be kept in “Total Clarity” and the second 25 will be hand painted on both sides for the “First Frost” versions… with his signature hand sprayed paint splatter (only in a translucent and opaque mix this time!) on both sides, each “First Frost” will be truly unique.

If you’re unfamiliar with Chris Yates’ puzzles, the name “Bafflers” makes complete sense as soon as you dump the pieces out and start to try to reassemble. Each and every insane (sometimes multilayer) puzzle is hand cut out of wood on a scroll saw, hand painted, and “made to last generations”… they are truly maddening works of art. (See his traditional creation process here.) Turning these into clear acrylic has in no way made his Bafflers any easier… having accidentally dumped out the clear puzzle while first working on the prototype, it certainly took a bit of time (but not TOO much) to get it back together… and perhaps the most mind twisting part of cutting the batch of 50 has been transferring the cut pieces from the laser bed to the stacks of finished puzzles, and every time they come apart slightly, if a piece flips over, etc., it takes a few to piece them all back together! We’ve cut and inspected each and every puzzle, and are so excited to help Chris bring these “Aperture” limited edition clear Bafflers into the world! Take a peek at more details and a peek at the making of on the next page!










This was the first prototype in the lab! clearbaff11.jpg

Cutting the first one… clearbaff12.jpg

Stacking it up, layer by layer… clearbaff13.jpg

You can see how what material you have beneath the clear puzzle automatically changes the difficulty! clearbaff14.jpg

… and creating the 50! clearbaff15.jpg

They just went on sale HERE!

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Jessica - interesting - you can soak it off? We usually just peel it :)

----- Jean/NOTCOT 01.11.12 13:06

cool! love his layered puzzles. did you soak the acrylic to get the paper off?

----- Jessica 01.11.12 12:22

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