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Duncan Shotton Cloud Key Holder + Camera- 11.16.12

dshottcam0.jpg Duncan Shotton has taken my breathe away - again. Remember the adorable little Revive: Denzel i shot on the bentley last year? Well a magical package just arrived from Tokyo! Duncan (while at the Fab Cafe - the tokyo cafe with a laser cutter we had on NOTCOT.org #46688) designed and laser cut the most incredible magnetic camera shaped gift box (a one of a kind) for NOTCOT containing his Cloud Key Holder… and even the details in the corrugated cardboard box exterior and the structure keeping the camera well protected are all laser cut. Stunning attention to detail housing a fun magnetic key holder! You have to see all the details on the next page!

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Thank you so much! Beautiful pictures as always!

I have clouds in stock for christmas : www.dshott.co.uk/cloud


Duncan x

----- Duncan Shotton 16.11.12 18:19

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