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GAP Holiday Windows: Enormous Champion- 11.21.12

gapanimals3.jpg Here’s the latest from our resident zoologist and London based editor, Justine Aw.

We spotted these gorgeous new Gap holiday window and store displays featuring elegant wooden animal silhouettes entirely by chance. They caught my eye as we passed and I immediately recognized them as giant versions of the figures I adore from the Kingom Animalia series by Brooklyn-based Enormous Champion and was thrilled when they confirmed our suspicions via twitter. I’ve always loved their work (particularly the Kingdom Animalia series) and the giant versions in store are stunning and continue throughout the children’s section, where they work perfectly (though I confess, I was mentally rearranging furniture to figure out where to fit a moose!).

The theme for Gap’s holiday windows this year is ‘Be bright’, highlighting the unexpected use of color and the Kingdom Animalia figures with their brightly colored edges helped inspire the campaign! Jason of Enormous Champion tells us: “The creative team at Gap is familiar with the wood animals from my Kingdom Animalia line and thought they’d be a perfect fit for their windows and in-store holiday presentation for babyGap and GapKids. I partnered with them to create life-size Kingdom Animalia, adding pops of neon color that relate back to the overall holiday design for Gap.”

The window displays include 4 woodland creatures (moose, deer, fox & squirrel) as well as trees and other designs. Though we spotted the windows in London, we hear they’ve since made it to stores in the US too, so keep your eyes out for these beautiful wooden woodland creatures! See more pictures of the details on the next page!

p.s. We haven’t spotted them in the US yet, have you? And what happens to these awesome creatures after the holidays end? We want to bring some home!!!












So we just found the animals at the GAP on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica - and they have EYES! (Which don’t really make them look better) And upon closer inspection, we were pretty bummed at the quality… it looks like two thin pieces of cheap wood glued to the center strip to give it thickness, and crudely painted… for the US ones anyhow!















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4 Notes

These are tasteful and inspiring! I would love them!

----- Forrest Brooks 02.12.12 16:30

Wooden animals are displayed in Baby Gap store at Christiana Mall, Newark, Delaware. Can I purchase any of these items? I am very interested in the
white reindeer. Please let me know. Thank you.

----- Linda Nichols 30.11.12 14:06

Those look so cool! Sadly, if it’s anything like the store i work for, the staff will snag those lovelies up as soon as the store is allowed to get rid of them. I’ve got quite a bit of decorating done with things repurposed from window displays at work.

----- Mikey 25.11.12 18:08

Enormouschampion work for GAP looks awsome and beautiful. Hi from Colombia

----- GUSTAVO ALBA 24.11.12 18:58

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