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Silver Room Rum-inspired dinner at Hush- 11.07.12

hushmain.jpg Here’s the latest from our London based editor, Justine Aw.

Tonight we enjoyed the Silver Room Supper Club dining experience from Pedro Solorzano and executive head chef David Rood of Mayfair’s Hush. The dining experience consists of a new line of ‘spirit-based dishes coupled with daring cocktails’. This evening was all about rum, with a trio of dishes designed to complement rum-based cocktails.

The new menus will be available on Tuesdays starting next week and include evenings based on calvados, rum, gin, vodka and whisky! See more pictures on the next page!


Hush is tucked away on Brook Street in a quiet courtyard.



We were welcomed with a lime-garnished orange daiquiri.


The iconic Hush wall.



The first floor Silver Dining Room.


After a welcoming orange daiquiri, we were ushered to our table within the first floor ‘Silver Room’ and began the evening with West Mersea Rock Oysters with Shallot Vinaigrette. The delectable oysters were coupled with a clean refreshing cocktail of rum, cherry tomatoes, ginger, bloody mary mix and white wine, served in glass rimmed with smoked salt. Delicious! The drink was surprisingly light and helped to counteract the salinity of the oysters.


Next up was the main of Tiger Prawn Kerala Massala served with lemon rice that was accompanied by a sweet cocktail to complement the spicy main. The cocktail of rum, chilli, lemongrass and lemon juice was served in a glass rimmed half with coconut and half with smoked paprika, with each side infusing the drink with a different flavor.


A very green and minty palate cleanser came after the curry, a powerful cocktail of crème de menthe, lime and apple juices.


Last, and I confess, my favorite of the trio, was dessert, a Mars bar cheesecake served with a gorgeous praline ice cream and a banana flavored dessert cocktail of rum, fresh banana, Baileys, Frangelico, cream and vanilla ice cream!

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