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The Digital Dissection Dining Room- 11.15.12

ar2.jpg Here’s the latest from our London based editor, Justine Aw.

Today I popped down to Worship Street to visit The Digital Dissection Dining Room, “a virtual reality future laboratory” created in a Shoreditch showroom for just 12 hours. The project is the latest from Something & Son (the team behind FARM:shop) and Inition (who we met at the 3D printshow) and will act as the venue for tonight’s Lush Prize Awards, which brings together scientists, researchers and campaigners to celebrate research into developments to reduce the need for animal testing. More photos of this fascinating project on the next page!


At the reception desk, I had the chance to do a bit of freestyle brain sculpting with the Pahntom Omni, with a stylus type apparatus that provides (slightly unnerving) force feedback as you cut away and mold the brain. As for the brain itself, that’s the brain of Inition co-founder Andy Millns, with a few of our own modifications!


The highlight for me were these sets of pretty, abstract looking table mats, which spring to life with an iPad forming anatomically correct 3D models of a human foot, heart and lungs, complete with features that let you explode and order the constituent parts. You can move the iPads around the cards to take different angles. It’ll be interesting to see what tonight’s guests make of it all!








Also on display was a see through patient developed with Photosound that appears lying supine on a table via an iPad. Rendered in a blue skin, you can look inside the augmented reality model’s skeletons and organs as you move closer.



I also had a chance to play on the Z Space Screen, picking apart and twirling around portions of human lungs with a stylus and 3D glasses, but unfortunately taking photos through the 3D glasses was a bit of a challenge! It was a fascinating look at just a few medical training and animal testing alternatives and congratulations to all tonight’s prize winners!

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I run the Gross Anatomy program at Georgetown University School of Medicine and am interested more about your concept.

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