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Holiday Giveaway #13: Uncommon Goods- 12.05.12

uncommon0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

I think it’s impossible not to find a delightful surprise for anyone on your list at Uncommon Goods. They really have such a variety of awesome stuff, it’s hard to sift through it all at times (but i usually start with the This Just In section!) - so for this giveaway, we’ve created a fun bundle that you can easily share/regift if you win… OR keep it all for yourself, decking out your place, keeping hydrated, feeding the birds, throwing a molecular mixology mojito party while growing your own greens, pinning where you’ve been and/or want to go on the cork map, playing with marble tracks on the fridge, punching your own guitar picks, corkcicle-ing the wine, and so much more…

THE GOODS: A bundle including a Cork Map, Molecular Mixology Mojito Kit, Footed Bowl, Eau Good Water Bottle, Micro Green Veggie Kit, Soda Bottle Bird Feeder, Pick Punch, Corkcicle, Extreme Stunt Wall Coaster, and Salts of the world test tubes.

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing what you’re stuffing stockings with this year by 12/10 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See all of the goodies you can win in more detail on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Eric in Syracuse, NY!

uncommon1.jpg Cork Map

uncommon2.jpg Molecular Mixology Mojito Kit

uncommon3.jpg Footed Bowl

uncommon4.jpg Eau Good Water Bottle

uncommon5.jpg Micro Green Veggie Kit

uncommon6.jpg Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

uncommon7.jpg Pick Punch

uncommon8.jpg Corkcicle

uncommon9.jpg Extreme Stunt Wall Coaster

uncommon10.jpg Salts of the world test tubes

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing what you’re stuffing stockings with this year by 12/10 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


362 Notes

Elephant teapots, whisky advent calenders, fudge, water rockets :)

----- Cheska 11.12.12 15:03

chocolate orange, legos, and small trinkets.

----- lace 11.12.12 08:58

Bacon flavored lip balm for my brother, hershey kisses for my mom, and a metal hand puzzle for my dad.

----- Jessie 11.12.12 06:34

I’m going classic, oranges, sweeties and some homemade truffles :)

----- Anneke 11.12.12 03:24

I rent with 4 girls at the moment!!… i know!……This year I am stuffing our stockings with all the essentials a girl needs to enjoy Christmas away from the TV…. so the guys can enjoy the Playstation !! We will have marshmallows, jelly beans, miniature bottles of baileys, popcorn, nail varnish, cotton pads (not to be confused with marshmallows) and app store vouchers!!

----- Alan 10.12.12 23:52

I have one stocking to stuff with some kitchen gadgets, Australian licorice and a small Gerber key chain knife.

----- Christi 10.12.12 22:20

To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what I was going to put in my family’s stockings but reading this has given me some ideas! Nuts/chips/snacks and hand warmers for dad, nail polish, hand lotion and lip balm for mom, coffee and chocolate turtles for the bro.

----- Sharon 10.12.12 20:17

I’m giving everyone a series of holiday cards. 3 different cards on 3 consecutive days.

----- Nicole 10.12.12 20:04

For my college family: Naturalist writings from Thoreau, Emerson, and Muir. While reading they can enjoy hand-made wooden churchwarden pipes I made. (Inspiration came from The Hobbit.)

----- Brook Morris 10.12.12 19:46

I’m stuffing stockings with hand warmers :D

----- Sharin 10.12.12 19:40

I’m stuffing stockings with hand warmers :D

----- Sharin 10.12.12 19:38


----- Kay 10.12.12 19:35

handmade cards, small handmade sculptures

----- David 10.12.12 19:25

Homemade cookies!

----- Barrett 10.12.12 19:11

We’re giving oranges, nuts in shells, and yummy chocolate.

----- domestic diva 10.12.12 19:07

little bottles of homemade infused vodkas

----- edward 10.12.12 17:22

This year, hmmm… A variety of different things! For instance, I’m baking white chocolate macadamia nut cookies to give out, but I’m also doing vintage postcards and thrifted books this year with hot chocolate kits…(I love thrifted books—they have so much more character than new copies!)

----- Kelly 10.12.12 15:52

Milka Chocolate and fancy pens!

----- Emilu 10.12.12 15:33

I found some tiny decks of cards in oriental style carrying cases at the Reuse Depot! 25 cents each :)

----- Toni 10.12.12 13:49

Laser cut art boards I made for my family

----- Sid Law 10.12.12 13:24

ALTER ECO chocolate bar gift sets! And these nifty macro lens thingies

----- Marty 10.12.12 13:11

I’m stuffing my dad’s stocking with fishing line, my mom’s stocking with hand lotion, my brother’s with food of any kind, and my dog’s with carrots.

----- Rach 10.12.12 12:55

home made granola and scratch off lottery tix!

----- rebecca f. 10.12.12 11:45

All the bacon flavored novelty items that I can scrounge from the interwebs!

----- Ben 10.12.12 10:35

Coal. Okay, seriously? Probably little handmade sketches and watercolors in teeny little frames. Oh, and chocolate covered gummy bears. You can’t lose with those, right?

----- Allison May 10.12.12 08:24

Chocolate bars with pop rocks embedded in them (chocolate start with a popping aftertaste).

----- Kate 10.12.12 08:10

Coffee beans!

----- Jake Jones 10.12.12 06:34

Homemade Nocello

----- Tarun 10.12.12 04:57

In our house the traditional stocking fillers are: an orange (but to add extra value it has £1 coin taped to it!) , a box of felt tip pens and of course a Cadbury’s chocolate selection box!

----- Jane Carvell 10.12.12 01:54

I’m stuffing stockings with lemon curd, little paintings, and lists of everything I think is wonderful about the recipients.

----- Meaghan 10.12.12 01:19

Some hyacinth in a tiny terracotta pots, marrons glacés and a handmade Verveine scent candle.

----- kjl 10.12.12 01:05

my mom’s baked goodies. oh not - it’s my g.i. joe.

----- jay panelomo 09.12.12 21:03

I’m making hot chocolate truffle bombs, nutella-chip cookies and ancho chile-cinnamon bark

----- Allie 09.12.12 19:35

I Stuffing stockings with mini liqueurs!

----- Tristan 09.12.12 19:24

Dark chocolate

----- Carmen 09.12.12 18:32

i’ll be stuffing stockings with tactical tomahawks and issues of the waking dead comics. no seriously, i’m shooting for a theme this year.

----- melda 09.12.12 18:31

Homemade wire-wrapped gemstone necklaces I’ve acquired in small cardboard boxes, tiny velvet bags, and on hiking trails since childhood!

----- Brandon Hayward 09.12.12 17:24

Mulled wine packs! Pocket shot of brandy plus the spice mixture =)

----- Steph 09.12.12 16:52

I am filling all those socks with so much candy!! The little kidos in my life love that candy!

----- Calin 09.12.12 15:38

I’m leaving customized bobble heads for my little brothers! =) And oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

----- Arielle Danieli 09.12.12 15:38

$10 threadless tees for all the kids

----- Marion C 09.12.12 14:22

Slim Jims, haha, my family loves them

----- Laura 09.12.12 13:42

gift cards to my favorite soup delivery service!

----- tommy pez 09.12.12 11:54

Felted animal finger puppets

----- Amybeth 09.12.12 11:37

I’ve been making a lot of geometric planters. Filling those with air plants and giving them new homes.

----- Ryan 09.12.12 11:26

i am stuffing stockings with handmade bitters,flavored vodka, and homemade caramels! and ysl mascara for my beautiful sisters!

----- carly 09.12.12 09:24

Love! And socks.

----- Meghan 09.12.12 09:10

Candy and giftcards. What more do you need?

----- Dee Wallace 09.12.12 09:03

I’m giving everyone these recipe cards with recipes I know they’ll like!

----- Crystal 09.12.12 08:24

Its amazing the stuff you guys come up with!!

I’d never probably run into any of this stuff in reality, but you guys

----- Brian K 09.12.12 07:01

Stuffing the stockings with small toys, candy and samples.

----- Tina K. 09.12.12 06:45

love the map!

----- evita 09.12.12 04:44

Chocolate oranges, some other holiday candies, fun holiday socks, and an apple and an orange to round it all out.

----- Alison 09.12.12 00:48

I plan to stuff stockings with chocolate, candy, and small nerdy gifts like buckyballs.

----- Alex Blugerman 08.12.12 23:38

Lego ornaments

----- Sung Chang 08.12.12 23:14

Handmade leather bracelets.

----- Casey 08.12.12 21:10

Tabloids and chocolate bars

----- Harry 08.12.12 18:59

Legos, makeup, giftcards

----- Dominique 08.12.12 18:40

Gangnam Style t-shirts.

----- MATT 08.12.12 17:57

Homemade vanilla extract for my friends. not sure what the family is getting just yet.

----- Jamie 08.12.12 17:52

The stocking is and has always been my favorite part of gifts. I’m not sure what will go into this year’s but before there have been hand carved wooden figures, an origami Yoda, and always some deep dark chocolate. Maybe this year it’ll be lots of fun socks; a stocking full of socks could be nice.

----- Lorinda 08.12.12 17:43

Lotto tix & Candy

----- Simon 08.12.12 17:26

Wild Turkey American Honey

----- Andy Swafford 08.12.12 16:21

I’m making homemade felt owl pouches for my friends to keep their phones warm this winter. (^_^)

----- Tyler 08.12.12 15:31

I’ll be stuffing with Goldbarren gummy bears, and little bottles of baileys

----- Casey Dure 08.12.12 15:24

Stuffing stockings for homeless kids! http://www.holidaystockings.org/

It’s better to give than receive! It’s the best xmas tradition we have.

----- Meghan F. 08.12.12 13:10

I’m stuffing stockings with Cards Against Humanity, as long as it doesn’t sell out. It’s just so fun, and so wrong.

----- Greg 08.12.12 12:50

socks and homemade scarves

----- Christine 08.12.12 12:38


----- steven 08.12.12 12:23

Nothing but Sour Patch Kids.

----- Shane O'Brien 08.12.12 12:10

gouda cheese and clementines.

----- Clementine 08.12.12 11:07

Socks, soap, and really nice pens.

----- Seth 08.12.12 09:02

Can’s of Genesee Beer. My Boyfriend, friends and I moved to Utah from New York and you can’t get ‘Genny’ here. Last time I was in New York I filled up my checked baggage with cans of the beer and it is going to be in everyone’s stocking this year.

----- Jess 08.12.12 09:01

Baked goods, fudge and Legos

----- Nik 08.12.12 08:34

Weatherproof ceramic bearings :-)

----- Adam Edwards 08.12.12 08:30

Paper, because here at home people are very curious to know what they will receive. ;-)

----- Helder Ricardo 08.12.12 08:07

This year, my friends and folks are getting handmade seed bombs for spring time, homemade baking extracts and a photo of me. Because I’m awesome. Yup.

----- Rae 08.12.12 01:27


----- Meghan 07.12.12 23:25

Uglydolls, what everyone wants.

----- Chris 07.12.12 23:10

baked goods and homemade cards.

----- Mary 07.12.12 22:35

It is traditional in my family to give out little candies and travel size deodorant sticks. I have no idea why.

----- Vincent 07.12.12 22:17

My kiddo is getting lots of glow sticks in the stocking. The husband is getting some nice bourbon.

----- Amanda G. 07.12.12 21:11

homemade tote bags. patch kits for bike tires. mixtapes.

----- emily 07.12.12 20:31

I like to fill stockings with unusual candies and strange toys.

----- Derek 07.12.12 20:26

I’m stuffing the hubby’s stocking with used, out of print books largely about literary alchemy and Harry Potter, since that is his current intellectual obsession.

----- Erin 07.12.12 19:10

I am always the practical one, I usually like to give small emergency kits in the stockings which include bandaids, clips, and so on. Very useful because you can just stick them in your purse or backpack.

----- Brenda I 07.12.12 18:54

Toys & treats for puppies.

----- Erica 07.12.12 18:49

This year is solar power themed, iPhone, laptop, and iPad chargers galore! Everyone will be apocalyptic ready just in case…

----- AlexD 07.12.12 18:42

movies and books

----- Winnie 07.12.12 17:25

I am stuffing stockings with cool things from the neighborhood asian market. Chopsticks, knives, wooden flip flops, sushi dishes… :)

----- Robin Hertert 07.12.12 17:16

I am stuffing stockings with light-up Christmas necklaces, Pez dispensers, mini-Slinkys, Band-Aids, candy, Chapsticks, dental floss, cheap paperback mystery novels, little containers of superglue, and matches!

----- Chloe H. 07.12.12 16:23

This year, I’m putting air plants in stockings. It’s gonna be so green!

----- Cameron Shore 07.12.12 14:16

Lindt chocolate and buddha beads!

----- Jaclyn 07.12.12 14:11

Notes with reasons why I love them

----- Jing 07.12.12 13:39

Recently learned about umami paste, think it would be an interesting stocking stuffer!

----- Iris 07.12.12 13:01

Stuffing stockings w/craft beers this year!

----- JUSTIN 07.12.12 12:59

No stockings. If I had them they would have been filled with chocolate..not for long though :)

----- Valeria 07.12.12 12:55

All of this stuff is amazing!!! I’m on a budget this year, so am making rum balls and creatively packing them for stocking stuffers.

----- Caiti 07.12.12 11:31

filling them with little bottles of self-made liquour and little jars of coconut oil and toys for kids ofc!

----- daile 07.12.12 11:15

Small bottles of ice wine

----- Ana 07.12.12 10:50

I have extra big stockings this year, so I’m stuffing them with as much whiskey as fits! :3

----- cilla 07.12.12 10:34

In these days of economic “why-i-shouldn’t-buy”ness, my stocking gift for my loved ones is gonnna be stuffed with recycled ‘designer’ stuff I’m working on, bits of nostalgia from offbeat travels around, and every penny I can save for the coming year….yo ho ho and a bottle of rum too!

----- Moutushi Sarkar 07.12.12 09:57


----- Steve 07.12.12 08:56

ribbon candies and oranges and M & M’s and socks.

----- Maureen 07.12.12 08:46

I’m designing logos for friends’ sites.. so I guess flash drives with their vectors!

----- luna 07.12.12 08:05

Seeds from the summer crop from my rooftop garden.

----- Blue 07.12.12 07:53

Pomegranate, oranges, candy, and beer. My boyfriend is on his own for Christmas while I cruise with my family, so he needs to occupy himself.

----- Erin 07.12.12 07:11

Chocolate oranges, a vintage keychain, warm ski socks and gift card to a local restaurant.

----- Kate 07.12.12 07:11

3D Printed shapes!

----- Anna 07.12.12 06:59

underwear. for the kids, practical. for the wife, naughty!

----- rich 07.12.12 06:19

Scratch Lottery Cards, D&D dice, travel board games, chocolate, and of course, mandarins :D

----- Jane 07.12.12 05:33

pens and moleskines

----- Adam S 07.12.12 05:15

Legs! It’s all I can afford.

----- James 07.12.12 01:55

Coal. And a lighter

----- bojan 06.12.12 23:51

I’m stuffing stockings with Seed Money from Leafcutter Designs! The buffalo nickel that grows bee balm is fantastic!

----- Yenn 06.12.12 23:43

I’m using little stuffed animals with funky textiles I found in Vietnam. Also cute bird mobiles.

----- Angela 06.12.12 23:20

Food items from our local Make It!

----- B Louie 06.12.12 22:48

almonds, crystal skulls, hair brushes, socks

----- Daniela 06.12.12 21:41

Socks, popcorn, satsumas, and wind-up toys!

----- Dana 06.12.12 20:28

I’ve been slacking on Christmas shopping so far, but I did see some pretty awesome “Zombie Repellent” soap on Etsy that is definitely making it into my sister’s stocking.

----- Holly B 06.12.12 19:55

pick me1

----- Matt 06.12.12 19:39

Love that wall map! We have a tradition of always putting an orange in each other’s stockings :)

----- Taylor 06.12.12 19:34

Asian snacks including but not limited to: pocky, chocolate koalas, assorted fruit gummies and hard candies.

----- Heng An Wang 06.12.12 18:43

Leatehr-bound notebooks. The potential of a blank page is the best gift for a creative mind.

----- Annie 06.12.12 18:38

underwear and socks!

----- Kelley Wollman 06.12.12 18:34

chocolate chili tea

----- Julia 06.12.12 18:29

Kinder Eggs, Gift Cards for treats, Funny hats and Fuzzy Socks…shopping on Uncommon Goods now and may need even more for me!

----- Suz B 06.12.12 18:27

money origami. That way you get to put in that personal touch. And if they don’t like it, they can unfold it and spend it.

----- Vu 06.12.12 18:26

This year, stockings will be stuffed with sunglasses and hand-made stationary

----- Michael 06.12.12 18:18

always give my wife coupons for trips around the new england area

----- Rob 06.12.12 17:42

Mini bottles of different whiskey, with some chocolates to pair with them.

----- Adam 06.12.12 17:17

I gave my little seeds some Tin Tin European style lollipops on clearance from World Market.. uhm lil man’s got a Transformer, Kup, oh wait that was me.. haha THANK YOU SAINT NICK!!


----- Phabeon 06.12.12 17:00

Variety of seasoned popcorn.

----- Carmen 06.12.12 16:59

I have no stockings! But if I did, I’d fill them with little 3d puzzles.

----- Nat G 06.12.12 15:59

audrey kawasaki hint mints!

----- sophie 06.12.12 15:54

Doing foster kid stockings this year….nail polish & yummy smelling soaps for the girls, cologne & books for the boys and animal mittens & travel-sized toys for the little ones!

----- Christina 06.12.12 15:50

Every stocking starts with an orange in the toe & is filled with anything from hot sauce and pickles to puzzles, flashlights or a slinky. Depends on the mood, I guess.

----- Lauren 06.12.12 15:45

Little worldly goods from markets around my neighborhood!

----- Emma G. 06.12.12 15:30

I didn’t stuff any stockings, but my parents sent mine to me at college with coffee, trail mix, and chocolate!

----- Samantha 06.12.12 15:04

Treats, love notes, and air plants!

----- Natalie 06.12.12 14:46

artisan food, itunes giftcards, socks.

----- Justin 06.12.12 14:41

coal, coal and coal ;-)


----- Patricia 06.12.12 13:40

Stockings are being stuffed with stockings, a stockingception (but seriously warm nice warm socks are a nice gift this time of year)

----- Andy Stoltz 06.12.12 13:17

I’m going to stuff with cute little things like knit hand warmers, candy, and tiny toys!

----- Jen 06.12.12 13:11

I’m giving games as stocking gifts that the family can play together Christmas Day.

----- Diana 06.12.12 12:59

Like always, a lot of candy!

----- sam li 06.12.12 12:56

lumps of coal. just kidding. probably a lot of yummy baked goods, because cake tastes the best when its been inside a sock.

----- Vania 06.12.12 12:31

I am putting organic seed packets for those who garden, rings and earrings for the girls and bubble gum for my niece.

----- Elena Vo 06.12.12 12:28

easy….coal…and then more coal :)

----- kevinb 06.12.12 12:16

Homemade chocolate dipped tangerine peels, a stuffed toy beastie made specialy to request for each of the children, and a mini terrarium ornament.

----- Laura Gaddy 06.12.12 12:05

my i shall need a big stocking

----- neil 06.12.12 11:35


----- melissa flicker 06.12.12 11:19

I bought a bunch of Liddabit caramels to put in my famil’s stocking.

----- Kimberly M 06.12.12 11:03

If things continue in this vein much longer, I will be crocheting socks, hats, and scarves for all my loved ones…in addition to larger items also hand-made.

----- Jennifer 06.12.12 10:59

The footed bowl is so quirky. It would be perfect for me. I also like the pick punch. It’s so clever. And the corksicle too. I like weird stuff.

----- Felix Lee 06.12.12 10:54

With slippers filled with socks

----- Carla 06.12.12 10:40

Nuts and oranges

----- Nick 06.12.12 10:33

I’m stuffing stockings with homemade cement coasters for people. Crafty!

----- Chris Stave 06.12.12 10:32

stuffing those stockings with dollar store stuff.

----- shauna s. 06.12.12 10:23

Donations to the Red Cross

----- Almin 06.12.12 09:41

Not actually doing stocking this year, but I am planning to make fudge for family and friends!

----- Michelle Warnke 06.12.12 09:34

I’m giving vouchers to people for free hugs and massages!

----- John 06.12.12 09:29

I’m stuffing my stockings with feet.

----- Darrel 06.12.12 09:26

I will be stuffing stockings with everyone’s essential “chapstick”. Various versions for guys and gals!

----- Sandy 06.12.12 09:17

that’s a very good question! i’m going to have to do some more shopping!

----- somerset 06.12.12 09:06

vodka gummy bear!!!!!!

----- martamask 06.12.12 08:53

vodka gummy bear!!!!!!

----- martamask 06.12.12 08:53

Im stuffing stockings with lot’s of goodies for my babies. Xbox games, Wii games, candy, lip gloss for my lil girl, toys for both my lil girl and my lil boy.

----- yvonne 06.12.12 08:48

Homemade Nutella cookies.

----- Katy 06.12.12 08:46

Homemade jam and caramel sauce!

----- Lauren 06.12.12 08:46

I don’t have kids, so I’ll be stuffing the stocking with doggie toys!

----- Tony 06.12.12 08:39

I am stuffing stockings with sandbakkel cookies and guitar picks.

----- Betty 06.12.12 08:39

I have gone crazy at ThinkGeek this year, so there will be ThinkGeekery in all the stockings, from Doctor Who to Star Wars.

----- Lene JOhansen 06.12.12 08:34

I will be stuffing stockings with 3D printed jewelry designed by yours truly!

----- Sid Law 06.12.12 08:22

I’m going to stuff stockings with coal-shaped and dyed Rice Krispies treats! I cannot wait to see the look on my Nieces and Nephews faces!

----- Christy 06.12.12 07:58

Hilarious Lego Minifigs for all!

----- Andria 06.12.12 07:58

Handwritten letters.

----- Anders 06.12.12 07:55

tatty devine’s finest trinkets

----- Mooni 06.12.12 07:54

Walnuts, chocolates and hollytwigs

----- alanna 06.12.12 07:41

I am stuffing stockings with cool tablet styluses, fancy chocolate and the now elusive bucky balls!

----- Devin Vermeulen 06.12.12 07:41

Stuffing stockings with Cards Against Humanity. Because yeah.

----- Brian 06.12.12 07:41

Im stuffing stockings with fancy chocolate, cool tablet styluses and the now elusive bucky balls!

----- Devin Vermeulen 06.12.12 07:41

Clearly, some mini absinthe/rum/bourbon bottles, and for the ones on the good list, a few hand-turned mojito muddlers and/or wine stoppers

----- James 06.12.12 07:36

homebrewed beer

----- Kelly Rae 06.12.12 07:31

The stocking for my wife gets stuffed with anything that fits that I don’t want to wrap, plus something odd or funny that will surprise. The kids get pretty much the same but usually candy and little figurines and toys that are on every end-cap in every store…

----- Erastos 06.12.12 07:26

Our stockings are tied of long johns and I’m stuffing them with candy, hand warmers(It’s cold in Ontario), KidRobot blind boxes and shaving stuff for my 15 yr old who has awkward teenager stubble!

----- Joanie 06.12.12 07:19

Wool socks for my lady…

----- Eric Brockmeyer 06.12.12 07:03

Packs of cigs and nips.

----- John 06.12.12 06:44

Awesome yummy local mustard and jam from Asheville and homemade preserved lemons.

----- Liz B 06.12.12 06:31

I’d fill them with kitties. Scottish folds and ragdolls, shorthairs and persians, burmeses and burmillas :)

----- Laura 06.12.12 06:03

I usually try to find some fun little toys or games… even though there is no one under 30 at our holiday gatherings!

----- Nick 06.12.12 05:56

Toys, chocolates and candy.

----- James 06.12.12 05:20

Lego mini-figures and personalized hand-made notebooks.

----- uli 06.12.12 04:54


----- Sarah 06.12.12 04:53

Hi. I will be stuffing my stockings with a notebook and a pencil to write down the things I want to achieve in the upcoming year.

----- Alex 06.12.12 04:28

Tegu magnet blocks sets for my kids

----- Jim 06.12.12 03:59

With homemade orange jam with ginger.Coz it’s healthy and sooooo delicious. Everyone is asking for the recipe after trying it:)

----- Greta 06.12.12 02:22

My dad always put an orange in our stockings, even now, and then hit the f*** out of them somewhere in the house, like under the insulation in the attic. I think he figured it would keep us busy all morning looking. Two things you should know 1. He always put something we really wanted in there as well. And 2. If we didn’t find it, tough titties, that orange was gonna get moldy and make the other presents not so nice.
I will be putting oranges in stockings, they just taste so good.

----- Cody 06.12.12 02:06

I’d like the salt selection and the wall stunt stuff especially. I keep meaning to make my own wall stunt marble action devices and never get around to it.

----- tudza 06.12.12 02:04

Nepalese souvenirs, gemstones and sweets.

----- Liisa 06.12.12 01:55

This year I will buy spices and spice mixes, put them in lovely jars. I plan to make nice little labels for them and give them to friends and family visiting this decemer.

----- Iva 06.12.12 01:34

Princess socks for my 3 year old. She loves to look pretty!

----- J Alexander Jusino 06.12.12 01:16

I’m stuffing stockings with home-made crocheted accessories & stuffed toys, and chocolates!

----- Samantha M 06.12.12 00:57

I’ll be stuffing stockings with booze and chocolate (adults only!)

----- James 06.12.12 00:16

I stuffing sockings with love, freedom, sweets and mandarins. :)

----- allesistgut 06.12.12 00:10

Lots and lots of notecards.

----- Lara 06.12.12 00:06

It is great to see those salts of the world test tubes there because that is what I am giving as stocking stuffers!

----- Leanna 06.12.12 00:03

i think those will be filled up with rainbows, smiles, snowflakes and hugs

----- martins 05.12.12 23:34

I like making the stuffers interactive, so I stuff with lottery scratcher cards.

----- Moe 05.12.12 23:11

Gotta go with the classics; toothbrush, clementine, and toblerone baby!

----- Ryan J 05.12.12 23:06

Homemade chocolates from a mold shaped like cartoon robots.

----- Eric 05.12.12 22:52

I’m stuffing stockings with homemade Nutella and lemon curd!

----- Liz 05.12.12 22:48

I’d stuff them with some candy

----- Lynda Del 05.12.12 22:45

I’m stuffing stockings with little jars filled with different homemade fruit and herb jams!

----- Annabel 05.12.12 22:36

Petri dishes made of soap!

----- Julie 05.12.12 22:27

Candy, cars, books

----- Thomas 05.12.12 22:13

extra chargers, candy, dvds, heart balloons and homemade honey! :)

----- genie 05.12.12 22:01

candies and unique-y things, a tangerine or two.

----- Sharon 05.12.12 21:45

Adorable washi tape from Etsy!

----- Ashley 05.12.12 21:45

Like every year the kids get small toys, trinkets, fruits and nuts. But… for the wife, she has a naughty naughty Santa usually leaving some vinyl figurines, grenade trinkets etc. and undergarments to unwrap later. Well for me to unwrap later. Wink wink.

----- tony 05.12.12 21:28

I’m stuffing stockings with chocolate, chap sticks, panties, socks, perfumes,etc. Okay, I think I should stop here before my list gets too weird. LOL

amy [at] utry [dot] it

----- Amy Tong 05.12.12 21:19

Im studding every stocking I can with condoms, candy, and booze.

----- Tom Freeland 05.12.12 20:56

I love designing personalized notecard/stationary sets as stocking stuffers. They are the perfect size and are a little unexpected.

----- Noelle Stiles 05.12.12 20:55

Chocolates, guitar picks and strings, Bay Rum aftershave and some sort of coal figure.

----- Cindy Aiton 05.12.12 20:55

Have taken a year out from work this year to travel the globe and just generally chill out. So having depleted my savings substantially, I’ll be stuffing stockings with hugs or well vouchers for them anyway :)

----- drunelin 05.12.12 20:55

Stockings are my favorite part of gifts!! Ours will be full of candy, jewelry, hair products, makeup and any fun trinkets I run across!


----- Crystal 05.12.12 20:55

Quince and salted caramels (not meant to be used together).

----- Laura 05.12.12 20:51

I’m stuffing stockings with all the small things that are too difficult to wrap.

----- Madoc 05.12.12 20:42

My mom’s stocking will be stuffed with some comfy slippers and I haven’t quite decided for dad.

----- Janaye = 05.12.12 20:32

Homemade cookies

----- Christina 05.12.12 20:27

I saw this and had to try and win the black + blum bottle and the mojito kit.
As always, filling my roommates’ stockings with Tattly stickers, scratch-off lottery tickets, and baked goods!

----- Jeff 05.12.12 20:23

Homemade himmeli ornaments

----- Sarah 05.12.12 20:11

I’ll be stuffing stockings with bracelets made by the adult clients at The Arc of Palm Beach County. They use art therapy as part of their treatments and stuff they make is AWESOME!!!

----- Danielle 05.12.12 20:05


----- jason 05.12.12 20:01

Condoms! So all my over-educated underemployed friends and I can make it into a new year baby free still trying to make it!

----- Daphne 05.12.12 19:57

Pickles! Seriously. All kind of things made into all kinds of pickles. My family loves this kind of thing and a store near where I live happens to carry the worlds coolest pickled stuff.

----- Romney 05.12.12 19:50

Exotic candy!

----- Sydney 05.12.12 19:29

same thing as always, hair stuff for the girls lego for the boys.

----- matt 05.12.12 19:23

Homemade herb infused vodkas in little apothecary bottles and a tag that says “Drink Me!”

----- Victoria 05.12.12 19:16

Plane tickets to visit mom :)

----- justin 05.12.12 19:14

Essential Stocking Stuffing Recipe:

1 1/2 pounds ground sage pork sausage
4 onions, chopped
2 stalks celery, chopped
6 cups crumbled cornbread
6 cups cubed soft white bread
1 cup chicken broth
2 eggs, lightly beaten
2 teaspoons poultry seasoning
1 teaspoon steak sauce
1 tablespoon salt

----- Grant Ross 05.12.12 18:59

i’m going to stuff stockings with all this awesome stuff i win!!!!

----- Shannon 05.12.12 18:58

Bottles of mediocre wine.

----- Jason 05.12.12 18:58

Homemade jam

----- Randi Lynne 05.12.12 18:55

I’m stuffing everyone I know’s stocking with gift certificates to my friends homemade soup delivery service! Nothing better than a hot meal on a snowy night, and she delivers!

----- Tommy Pez 05.12.12 18:39

Stockings will be stuffed with chocolates and fun costume jewelry. My youngest gets a lint brush since she sleeps with her dog!

----- Gina F 05.12.12 18:33

lottery scratchers, satsuma oranges, chocolate and walnuts. you know, just the essentials…

----- rori 05.12.12 18:29

Fortune cookie.

----- NYN 05.12.12 18:26

human heads.

----- Kristin 05.12.12 18:16

Mini liquor bottles of course!

----- Jeff 05.12.12 18:14

I’m filling my socks with macaroons and chocolates ;)

----- Yoo Jin 05.12.12 18:10

Chocolates, lots of chocolates!

----- Noni 05.12.12 18:06

this year, it will be bubble gum, office supplies, and chocolates

----- Cianan 05.12.12 18:04


----- Tom 05.12.12 18:03

Going light this year. We’ll have little tech goodies like ear buds & card readers etc., lottery tix and the obligatory pair of Christmas jammies!

----- Tim Driscoll 05.12.12 17:54

Candy! Chocolates and stuff haha…

----- Juliana 05.12.12 17:53

Dog treats and toys! The dogs go crazy because they can smell but not reach. We wait until the night before to stuff them with all of the goodies, but the remaining hours are always hilarious to watch!

----- Jenni 05.12.12 17:52

homemade candy and tattly tattoos!

----- Natalie 05.12.12 17:48

I am going to be stuffing stockings with candy, makeup like lipsticks, lip gloss and chapstick for the guys, nail polish for the gals and keychains for the guys, gift cards for everyone… a little cash (like coins or small bills for the piggy banks) and a few dollar store items that just look like they would be fun to put in a stocking!

----- Michele P. 05.12.12 17:45

Mini blind box vinyl toys!

----- Tiffany 05.12.12 17:44

handmade wool socks!

----- tane 05.12.12 17:31

I found these adorable mini macbook pro compact mirrors online and am ordering to surprise my colleagues; and keep one for myself.

----- Ellen Bautista 05.12.12 17:30

A Pinchas Zohar and chocolates with best wishes.

----- Calvin 05.12.12 17:27

Gift cards are going in the stockings this year, with some candy of course..

----- Tanya 05.12.12 17:26

We are getting lots of the small Sugru packets for stocking stuffers this year!

----- April Brooks 05.12.12 17:22

candy of course

----- dylan 05.12.12 17:19

hand-made wooden spheres, firecrackers, and oversize ceramic paperclips.

----- seth b 05.12.12 17:19

This year I’m stuffing a stocking (a Christmas celebration for two, myself included) with everything a student needs but don’t yet know they need: computer cleaning gum for the long-suffering laptop; an assortment of chocolates including chocolate-covered coffee beans for that cheeky caffeine rush; the tiniest 51-piece tool kit known to Clas Ohlson; a small collection of little bottles of men’s perfume; a mini Moleskine to help him pretend that he pays attention during lectures; an R2D2 Lego keyring, and finally, a travel bottle of Tabasco as we’re both hotheads.

Just to make it all personal, I’m in the process of sewing and personalizing socks for our stockings. It’ll be the most haphazard-looking knitwear known to Christmas!

----- Dian Saxon 05.12.12 17:16

I’m putting a ‘Life Straw’ in the stocking of everyone in my family.

----- Justin 05.12.12 17:16

Filling everyone’s stockings with unusual spices this year

----- B Mortin 05.12.12 17:11

I’d stuff warm socks and stockings! They’re never enough and you always run out so quickly!

----- Rali 05.12.12 17:11

nyc treats for my family in california!

----- eva m. 05.12.12 17:00

We don’t stuff stockings, but yesterday we had Sinterklaas: It was all Muji themed: Rice crackers, chopsticks… I like Japan.

----- Arnon 05.12.12 16:58

Unique and/or colorful socks, of course! :D

----- katie 05.12.12 16:57

This year I am stocking stuffing with cookies and those gloves with the little touch-screen compatible fingertips for my techy friends :)

----- Megan 05.12.12 16:52

An orange and chocolate coins, as always, together with fancy gourmet food samples, bubble bath, and a paperback mystery novel.

----- Andrew 05.12.12 16:24

I’m going homemade this year to save a little money. Filling stockings with candied pecans, salted caramels, and the traditional orange. I may even get crazy and enrobe the caramels with chocolate - we’ll see how much free time I can scrape together. =D

----- Carl 05.12.12 16:11

Definitely the pick punch and the cork map! Love the rest too, though!

----- Chitra 05.12.12 16:09

Good ol’ fashioned CANDY and lotto scratchers!!!

----- Greg Weaver 05.12.12 16:09

I’m a big fan of Uncommon Goods! Some stocking stuffers I’ve gotten for people this year - fancy shampoo bars, beard oil for the sometimes-bearded one, and maybe some cookies?

----- Jen D 05.12.12 16:01

I will be stuffing stockings with themed mixtapes I’m making for specific loved ones in my life.

----- Stacy B. 05.12.12 15:56

As always…Nuts.

----- Yoshio 05.12.12 15:52

Gift cards or Kidrobot toys in stockings

----- edgar 05.12.12 15:51

This year I’m making most the gifts I’ve giving, including my home grown tea, small mini paintings, vintage brooches and no one can say no to new nail polish.

----- Rossi 05.12.12 15:49

Dad gets golf balls and lite beer (ick). Mom gets tea and chocolate. Max gets squeaky squirrels and rattling rabbits.

----- Lissa 05.12.12 15:43

small jars of homemade pumpkin butter, a homemade lavender sachet pillow thing, small homemade photo frame with a picture of a wonderful moment in the past year we’ve had together.

----- Ace W 05.12.12 15:28

Lots of candy and nuts and useful products like toothbrushes and soap. Yes.

----- Josh Lyon 05.12.12 15:13

Seed Coins!

----- Ian S. 05.12.12 15:10

I also stuff our stockings with candy for the family, it’s usually all gone by the end of the day!

----- Thomas 05.12.12 15:05

Assorted nuts, homemade cookies, wine glass tags and reclaimed picture frames!

----- Daniel P 05.12.12 14:56

Lottery tickets

----- Speck 05.12.12 14:50

Remington shotgun shell cufflinks…..you have to know my family.

----- Jessi 05.12.12 14:48

Cranberry oatmeal cookies, bow ties, and a pair of sunglasses for my brother

----- Matt James 05.12.12 14:44

Those mesh bags of chocolate coins.
When I’m giving someone money, I like to fill the bag half with chocolate coins, and half with gold dollar coins. It was quite a hit last year, though the kids were like, “are these fake?” ¬_¬

----- monica 05.12.12 14:38

A ton of candy, like every year.

----- Daniel 05.12.12 14:16

Flip and Tumble 24-7 Bags for all of my coworkers!

----- Hoister 05.12.12 14:10

If it’s a severed head, then I’m going to be very upset!

----- Ned 05.12.12 14:07

handmade accessories, gingerbread skeletons……and the ever present Terrys chocolate orange!

----- Kat 05.12.12 14:00

Redbull and design magazines!

----- hayley 05.12.12 13:46

Scratch off World Map and travel goodies.

----- Gabriela 05.12.12 13:45

No kids of my own, but I’ll be putting some Patagonia Capilene in my sibling’s stockings in preparation for our upcoming snowboarding trip!

----- Rob Wilkey 05.12.12 13:45

Nail Polish, dress up kits, candy, toothbrushes, and a small action figure or doll.

----- Tyler 05.12.12 13:35


----- Grace 05.12.12 13:34

my mom does the stocking stuffing in our house and she switches it up a little but every year we get pez candies with a little dispenser. i’m 25 and i’m still not too old for the pez snowman!

----- Kaitlyn 05.12.12 13:22

If a stocking is being stuffed by me this year, it will have things like gift cards for fast food restaurants and flasks. Only the classiest items will do.

----- Courtney 05.12.12 13:20

I’m stuffing stockings with homemade Limoncello!

----- Perry H 05.12.12 13:20

I’m stuffing my stockings with practical things like lip balm, hand lotion, etc., because that is the tradition in both my husband’s and my own family! We think it’s nice to get some practical things along with all the fun gifts at the holidays.

I’ll also include an orange in the toe of each stocking, b/c that is what my sweet grandmother has always done :)

----- Victoria S. 05.12.12 13:19

I am stuffing stockings this year with homemade infused honey…now gimme that cork map! :)

----- Bryce 05.12.12 13:10

I’ll be stuffing stockings with toddler things, but hopefully my stocking will be stuffed with whiskey or gin.

----- Will R 05.12.12 13:04

knitting patterns

----- demure 05.12.12 12:59

Oh boy - I’ve been having a hard time with stocking stuffers this year. I’m going to find the meatiest treats and biscuits for my dog’s stocking, and my husband is getting candy (his favorite), a set of origami sticky notes, bacon shaving cream (don’t ask), and a little headphone cord-saver shaped like a hamburger. Men are not very hard to please :)

----- Evie Adair 05.12.12 12:52

Fair Isle socks in those oversized sock stockings…so meta.

----- Suzanne 05.12.12 12:44


----- Heather 05.12.12 12:30

Dark chocolate!!

----- María 05.12.12 12:28

Little candy treats!

----- Thu 05.12.12 12:26

I am stuffing stockings with handmade clay button ornaments!

----- Natalie Kay 05.12.12 12:24

homemade gifts x

----- rich 05.12.12 12:21

We always stuff the stockings with mini flashlights. Its an inside joke with my family

----- Chris Martin 05.12.12 12:15

instant coffee

----- wolfie 05.12.12 12:11


----- Rose 05.12.12 12:05

I’m still the (grown-up) kid. Stockings will be stuffed for me, not by me. :)

----- Mia 05.12.12 11:55

I have a pack of sisters, all of which adore themed nail polish. OPI comes out with sets like Skyfall, or NYC Ballet. My ladies are getting packs of these :D

----- Kylene 05.12.12 11:54

Small bottles of Tequila from Mexico trip, some fruit, a couple of snacks, tie or socks, and cheesy toys to mess around with while drinking the Tequila.

----- Matt Z 05.12.12 11:54

Small bottle of my own infused vodka, party snap fireworks (the ones you throw on the ground and they snap) and chocolate coins.

----- kelsey 05.12.12 11:52


----- jack 05.12.12 11:52


----- lauren 05.12.12 11:44

Coal, coal, and more coal! Bad kitties!

----- Jon Knight 05.12.12 11:41

I’ll be packing the stocking with hand made art and homemade scones! MMM… The family will riot if they don’t get scones this year.

----- Elizabeth 05.12.12 11:39

Cash in envelopes. :-)

----- Geek in Heels 05.12.12 11:39

I will be putting handmade ornaments, candy, and kittens in stockings this year! :D

----- brittany g 05.12.12 11:38

Mine will be a long list of things…my mom started a tradition starting on dec 13th filling our stocking with all kinds of things for the “12 days of christmas”.

I will be doing a broad range of things from cheap to pricier including, candy, smalltoys, lottery tickets, and concert tickets.

Each day is a different gift leading up to christmas

----- charlie Price 05.12.12 11:37

Tiny stationary sets, so that my friends and I can start exchanging letters!

----- Jeremy 05.12.12 11:36

I’m stuffing stockings with arty goodies for my daughter, like Play-doh and crayons and paints. And stickers.

----- kim 05.12.12 11:33

Handmade Springerle Cookies!

----- sade 05.12.12 11:31

Whiskey stones, chocolate turtles, homemade marshmallows and Starburst candy canes for the hubbie!

----- Sarah 05.12.12 11:20

I will be stuffing stockings with tons of candy! :)

----- Elisabeth 05.12.12 11:19

stockings are being stuffed with candies and baked goods, beer for the boys and jewelry for the girls… no kiddies in this family yet.

----- Namtran Nguyen 05.12.12 11:17

Definitely homemade treats and liquor! Moonshine makes an AWESOME stocking stuffer ;)

----- Toni 05.12.12 11:11

Oranges, chocolates, homemade cookies and little handwritten notes to spread some holiday cheer.

----- Zi 05.12.12 11:06

I’ll be stuffing the stockings with the family traditional items. A grapefruit in the toe, nuts and candy in the stockings, one or two little toys to enjoy and candy canes ringing the opening of the stockings and some dangling from the tree. And the kids will enjoy that on the 6th of December (St Nicholas Day as i grew up knowing it) which will just build up their excitement for christmas.

----- Eric 05.12.12 11:06

I don’t have children, so the only thing in stockings will be my girlfriend ;)

----- Robert W. 05.12.12 11:02

Chocolates and Lego mini figures.

----- Agnieszka 05.12.12 11:01

Mini bottles of Jack

----- Mike 05.12.12 10:59

gingerbread squirrel cookies and kiehl’s hand lotion

----- Magdalena 05.12.12 10:58

The microgreens veggie kit looks like a cute stocking stuffer. I typically like to give treats and good chocolates.

----- Julie 05.12.12 10:58

my boyfriend’s getting undies in his stocking!

----- siena 05.12.12 10:58

Love this giveaway!

Stocking stuffers:
Felt soap
DYI butters and jams
Organic dark chocolate
Happy Socks

----- Anastasia 05.12.12 10:55

Im stuffing stockings with personalized gifts for the family.

Dad’s getting a new shaving kit + fold-able dopp bag for his travels.
Mom’s getting some slim line cooking utensils to go with the set she asked for.
lil bro is getting lego sets, playing cards and some home made cookies.

Hopefully mine will be stuffed with some of these rad gifts from NOTCOT. hint, hint! ;)

----- john G 05.12.12 10:55

Stockings will be filled with gift donations this year. There are lots of people out there who need our help.

----- Heidi Hess 05.12.12 10:52

Every year I stock the stockings up with delicious treats I find from various trips I take. So this year everyone is getting Organic 85% Cacao Chocolate from Northern California, pumpkin fudge from Kentucky, Alien Jerky from Baker CA, and Ghiradhelli Chocolate from SF.

----- Tom Nguyen 05.12.12 10:52

Propane and propane accessories! ;3

----- Alex Dreger 05.12.12 10:51

Organic makeup, home-made jewelry, and memorable photos.

----- Allison 05.12.12 10:48

Handmade jewelry and candy.

----- Leigh 05.12.12 10:47

I’m stuffing stockings with homemade consumables & travel inspiration.

----- Jurgen 05.12.12 10:46

For the kids small puzzles, mandarin oranges, poly pockets for the girls, banned bucky balls for the boy, etc.

For the wife and I? Nothing yet… but the stuff in the post looks perfect. :)

----- Mikell Johnson 05.12.12 10:41

Candy, toys, and small gifties!

----- maggie 05.12.12 10:40

Stuffing the stockings with candy and nail clippers or nail polish.

----- Susan 05.12.12 10:40

I think we are stuffing stockings with cinnamon infused whiskey, and…well, really, what else do we need? Whiskey = win!

----- mlle ghoul 05.12.12 10:40

Yo-yos, and packets of homemade candy!

----- Stef 05.12.12 10:28

I’ll be stuffing stockings with tea and tea accessories.

----- Daniel 05.12.12 10:26

Small box LEGO sets!

----- Brian B 05.12.12 10:26

Stuffing stockings with oranges and chocolates.

----- Ed 05.12.12 10:23

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