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A study of Butterfly Wings by Linden Gledhill- 01.15.13

lgledhill-bw-bluewhitebutterflywing.jpg Here’s the latest natural inspiration from our resident zoologist and London based editor, Justine Aw.

Photographer Linden Gledhill, who describes himself as “a biochemist by training, working for a large international pharmaceutical company developing biopharmaceuticals (protein molecules) to treat cancer and diabetes”, but whom you may know from his stunning work for Dentsu and Canon, photographs of snowflakes and homegrown snowflakes!

Linden has always had a fascination with the physical world, particularly nature and uses photography to capture the feeling of awe and inspiration that he feels. I love the way his work captures colors and textures and reveals entire worlds that are otherwise overlooked. In his butterfly wings series, Gledhill uses varying levels of magnification to show the tapestry of scales that make of the wings and the huge variety of scales themselves.

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These incredible images are captured a fully automated macro focusing rail that Gledhill helped develop alongside Cognisys and you can take a look at the rig here. The results are beautiful!



lgledhill-bw-Cithariasaurorina.jpg Pink glasswing (Cithaerias aurorina)

lgledhill-bw-easternblackswallowtail.jpg Eastern Black Swallowtail

lgledhill-bw-graphiumweiskei.jpg Purple spotted swallowtail (Graphium weiskei)



lgledhill-bw-Graphiumweiskei2.jpg Purple spotted swallowtail (Graphium weiskei)

lgledhill-bw-monarch.jpg Monarch (Danaus plexippus)

lgledhill-bw-birdwing2.jpg Birdwing butterfly

lgledhill-bw-papilioblumei.jpg Peacock swallowtail (Papilio blumei)

lgledhill-bw-papilioblumei2.jpg Peacock swallowtail (Papilio blumei)

lgledhill-bw-papilioblumei3.jpg Peacock swallowtail (Papilio blumei)

lgledhill-bw-redadmiral.jpg Red admiral (Vanessa atalanta)

lgledhill-bw-rhetusdysoni.jpg Rhetus dysoni

lgledhill-bw-sunsetmoth.jpg Madagascan sunset moth (Chrysiridia rhipheus)

lgledhill-bw-sunsetmoth2.jpg Madagascan sunset moth (Chrysiridia rhipheus)


lgledhill-bw-birdwing.jpg Birdwing buttefly


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