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Making of the Audi Quattro slot cars - 01.22.13

audiSlot_main_00.jpg Here’s the latest from Shawn Sims, Director of NOTlabs and resident car aficionado.

Back in October 2012 in Toronto’s Royal Bank Plaza, a shipping container sized structure popped up alongside a new Audi Quattro A4. In the glowing glass container, you’d find quite the slot car track, essentially a tiny Audi wonderland, which you could race through via iPads. Audi Canada and Slot Mods USA took the traditional slot car track to a new level, as this one included 3D printed 1:32 scale Audi A4s that you drive with an iPad and custom cameras. Bummed you missed it? Me too. Lucky for you and I they released a great making-of video about the process of creating the interactive installation.

The short film, Painting Coconuts - The Audi Quattro Experience, is filled with inspiring craft and passion. It follows David Beattie, owner of Slot Mods USA, and his team as they produce the one of a kind interactive artwork. Every detail is painstakingly hand crafted. The trees are made from dried Japanese Sedum flowers, custom circuits were built for the POV cameras, and when sourcing a 1:32 scale model of the current A4 proved difficult, they 3D scanned a real one and used the digital file to 3D print the slot cars. Check out the making- of video and lots of close ups on the next page…







It’s amazing to see how crude the foam structure starts and how refined and smooth it finally gets. audiSlot_make_02.jpg


Here you can see the process of 3D scanning with a structured light technique. Lines are projected onto the car while a camera tracks the contours that it makes and produces a digital 3D file. audiSlot_scan_01.jpg


3D printed A4! audiSlot_scan_03.jpg

Since the 3D printed Audi needs to be smooth for paint, they apply a finish to it that they can sand down before it heads to the painter. audiSlot_scan_04.jpg


Awesome original Audi Quattro hiding in the barn. audiSlot_trackDetails_03.jpg


Nice billboard… audiSlot_trackDetails_01.jpg


The custom POV camera and circuit board looks like it was difficult to make considering the size constraints inside the slot car. audiSlot_trackDetails_05.jpg



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2 Notes

Life’s too short not to paint coconuts..

----- Marc 23.01.13 16:37

Anyone got the name of the song at 8:45? Such an awesome video. Wish I could do stuff like this for a living.

----- Rob Wilkey 23.01.13 07:18

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