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Stacked Wines- 01.23.13

stacked0.jpg Packaging impulse buy… i had to poke at these Stacked Wines. Prepackaged in individual sealed plastic glasses that pop-lock into one another and have a plastic lid on the top one… all sealed up in colorful plastic. It’s a fun picnic idea, but definitely feels like a set of interlocking grown up juice boxes. Take a peek at all the details on the next page…









They look so child like, i couldn’t resist trying one with a straw. stacked9.jpg

And when you’re done… or working your way through them… they also stack back together nicely as storage containers, portable glasses, etc… stacked10.jpg

Here are all the flavors - Stacked Wines Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Pinot Grigio. stacked11.jpg

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7 Notes

This is a wonderful idea!!
I am going to purchase some asap.
I saw a picture and description in
“Ladies Home Journal”.
Thanks for the great and creative


----- cari griffin 21.03.13 19:39

I love the idea of this stackable chardonnay on the go! You can take it with you anytime and anywhere!

----- Luanne 13.02.13 19:01

@archie. I’m pretty sure that glass is not a “natural material” and takes something like 500 years to decompose. Not that plastic is better than glass in that respect, but they are probably not doing any *more* harm than a glass bottle. The plastic is presumably recyclable, so that helps.

Generally plastic products also have a better environmental impact than glass when you factor in shipping weight savings. Plastic can be quite a bit lighter and take up less space, which uses less fuel.

----- Jeff 24.01.13 13:10

Thanks so much for your review! Great photos too, btw.

I totally understand your concerns and I hope that I can offer a little clarity. Our entire package, from the outer sleeve to the PET plastic cups, is 100% recyclable. Our bottle is also significantly lighter than traditional glass bottles, which helps cut down on fuel consumption during transport.

You are absolutely right that keeping glasses to wash and re-use is ideal, and we don’t intend for our product to take the place of the traditional wine experience. However, if you plan to take wine on a boat, to a picnic, or any other setting where a glass bottle, glasses, and a corkscrew would be inconvenient, Stacked Wines allows you to do that and maintain a sophisticated experience.

I hope you are able to try Stacked Wines for yourself soon! I’d love to hear any further feedback.

----- Shalay from Stacked Wines 24.01.13 11:34

@ Archie;

The second sentence. “Prepackaged in individual sealed plastic glasses…”

----- Ted 24.01.13 05:57

Could come handy for cooking purposes.
When you need just a bit of wine once in awhile and don’t want to open a whole bottle.

----- Alex 23.01.13 22:06

You don’t mention what the containers are made out of: glass or plastic? Clever and catchy packaging but I guess what nags at me is how much of this is creating unnecessary waste, as compared to a glass bottle, a cork (both natural materials) and permanent glasses we wash and reuse? Is this a great idea or is it just adding to our disposable culture?

----- Archie 23.01.13 19:06

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