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#HowIClubhouse: Virgin Atlantic EWR- 01.02.13

ERWmain.jpg This post is presented by Virgin Atlantic ~ Clubhouse [kluhb-hous] (v): The art of enjoying one’s time before a journey in an exquisite manner unique to Virgin Atlantic. How do you Clubhouse? Send us a picture of you enjoying your favorite Clubhouse experience on Twitter or Instagram, using the #HowIClubhouse. Well, to see how WE clubhouse, Virgin Atlantic invited us to check out their latest lounge in EWR (Newark, NJ).

It seemed only appropriate that with all of this twitter/instagram fun around #HowIClubhouse, that we share our adventure lounging at the brand new Virgin Atlantic Newark Clubhouse through Instagram photos! From the fun decor (tons of designer seating, lighting, and more) - to the beautiful mirrored, geometric bar (and delicious drinks) ~ to the screening room ~ to the Mirror Cube of infinite instagram mirrored madness of an installation we built right here in our NOTlabs… We hear that this lounge is so coveted that the British Airways passengers in the lounge next door often try to buy their way into the Clubhouse because, “every night seems like a party.” Rumor has it that with two flights a day at 8am and 8pm, people come straight from work to have a few drinks before their flight, as well as dinner (or breakfast if you’re there for the 8am)! It’s a beautiful space to relax and unwind pre-flight, and there are so many fun design details… take a peek at how our friend and photographer Jessica clubhoused for us on the next page!




insta4.jpg Fun patterns on the throw pillows…


insta6.jpg Welcome to the Liquid Lounge!

insta7.jpg The mirrored bar was part of the inspiration for our Mirror Cube!

insta8.jpg Their signature cocktail is the Virgin Redhead: Bombay Sapphire, Cassis, Framboise, Raspberry, fresh lemon, bubbly. Stirred.



insta11.jpg Here’s the screening room, which loops six different short (and silent) films from graduates of the National Film and Television School.

insta12.jpg A cold beer and popcorn are perfect while kicking back and watching the films…


insta14.jpg You can find our Mirror Cube in the Passion Pit ~ peek inside to see #HowIClubhouse Instagram photos reflected infinitely inside… swivel it around to peek inside from inside the pit as well as walking down the ramp alongside!

insta15.jpg This could be your picture… if you use #HowIClubhouse to share your Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse adventures.

insta16.jpg The images rotate through, pulling from the hashtag feed, so there’s always something new to look at!

virgin8a.jpg So - now it’s your turn! Send a picture of you enjoying your favorite Clubhouse experience on Twitter or Instagram, using the #HowIClubhouse!

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