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Gift Guide: 32 Hours of Fun- 02.14.13

droidnew0.jpg This post is sponsored by DROID RAZR MAXX HD by Motorola. Check out everything you can do with the longest lasting 4G LTE smartphone. Inspired by the qualities of this new mobile phone, here’s a fun gift guide of sorts dreamt up around 32 hours of fun!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! An aside - working on this post made me realize I wished my phone lasted 32 hours without a charge! There’s nothing worse than those endless crazy days where you don’t have a chance to charge up properly and keep running around from amazing event to amazing event (especially when there are so many fun moments to share and capture!) I just got back from a mini road trip to SF, and imagine that 32 hours of charge would last through forgetting to charge my phone while i slept, 6 hours of roadtripping LA-SF with phone calls, emails, and music streaming, running around all day… and night… forgetting to charge it again while sleeping… driving back down to LA… and you might still be good for a little bit!

So - inspired by the DROID RAZR MAXX HD by Motorola’s 32 hours of unbelievable battery life, we’ve created a special gift guide filled with fun! From hiking with the puppy, to relaxing at the beach, to going out for drinks, to bouncing between gallery openings, and ending up at concerts, to celebrating Valentine’s Day… explore some dream scenarios to shop for on the next page!

32 hours is nearly a day and a half! There’s a lot you can do in a day in a half…

First - let’s start with the Valentine’s Day possibilities… inspired by the sleek elegance of the DROID RAZR MAXX HD
maindroid1.jpg Start or end your Valentine’s with Vosges’ A Game of Chocolate Masquerade - “A set for two. Chocolate, monarch-carved masks are elegantly presented with a guided chocolate tasting, an aphrodisiac menu with recipes, pearl dust for making champagne elixirs, a tickling feather and a few more surprises.” - what pictures/videos you take with your Droid, you may want to be careful with! The is so thin, it’s a perfect fit in a sleek little clutch like the MULBERRY Valentines Bayswater leather clutch… and they’d be fun with a little black dress and Barneys CO-OP Short Platform Ankle Boot in Red! For more Valentine’s Day RED. Dress it all up with Kiki De Montparnasse Pearls - playfully, elegant body jewelry. And perhaps a Myla Isabella Desire Red Babydoll for underneath it all…

Inspired by the DROID RAZR MAXX HD’s ready-for-anything-ness between the DuPont Kevlar Fiber rear cover, Corning Gorilla Glass front, and a water-repellent nanocoating inside and out… hikes and beach (and even the craziness that may ensue during a night out) should be no problem!

So, I’d start the day with a hike with our puppy (Bucky!)… maindroid2.jpg Camelbak Eddy Glass Water Bottle or if more hardcore of a hike, Camelbak’s Ambush Pack, with built in hydration pack and enough space for a few other things. The PAWW Throw Bowl, part water dish, part frisbee, for a fun game of fetch along the hike! Pear Stride Earphones will let you listen to music/podcasts/etc without blocking out the world around you. Triple Aught Design Stealth Hoodie LT is the perfect breathable shell to protect you against whatever might come up. Because our pup manages to crawl into the craziest spots, we always have a Niteize SpotLit LED Collar Light on him to illuminate wherever he ends up (yes, caves and bushes in daylight can get dark too!) And just to be safe, i always have a Leatherman Wave - for anything unexpected that might come up - be it a loose screw, bottle that needs opening, sawing something… or even just filing my nails.

Then heading to the beach to relax… maybe grab lunch… and listen to music, play on the beach with friends and pups… droidnew.jpg The tiny super portable Alite Designs Monarch Chair weighs a feather light 21 ounces and holds up to 250lbs! The Haba Spilling Funnel is like a manual 3D printer that uses a perfect mix of sand and water to let you construct the craziest sand castles you can imagine! To keep the pup occupied, Chuck-It’s floating Gators that are ball launcher compatible are perfect for launching into the ocean for him to fetch! And to protect your eyes, love these Oliver Peoples for Parabellum with the breath logo - breathe on them to see it! And when you’re ready to cruise around a little (or have the pup pull you down the boardwalk) - love this Arbor Bamboo Fish Skateboard by Nanami Cowdroy.

As the sun sets ~ time to heading out to meet friends for drinks and perhaps to see a concert or art show… where there are lots of pictures and videos to be captured! maindroid4.jpg If i’m possibly covering an event for NOTCOT - i always have my Canon 5D MKIII with me - while i still shoot with my phone (for instant sharing) and my big camera for the rest! Manfrotto LED Lights are amazing for getting beautiful lighting, whether on my big dSLR or camera phone - it’s a great addition to the on board flash of your phone since it’s dimmable to just the right lighting to flatter and capture awesome shots the first time! There’s nothing worse than being the short one at a concert - you just can’t get pictures/video in a crowd of the stage well as high as you hold your camera phone up… it might be worth hacking it on to a Twig Pod to get you a better angle! To have some fun getting up close shots on your phone - you can slip the Macro Lens Band on to the DROID RAZR MAXX HD to enhance the lens!

This is where i point you back to the beginning of the post - and tell you to do it all over again for nearly another day… and imagine your battery life (if you had a DROID RAZR MAXX HD) STILL holding strong!

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