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Target Animal Balls with Squeaker Tails- 02.21.13

aniball1.jpg Our little NOTpuppy, Bucky, has been jumping like crazy learning to catch things in mid air. In that photoshoot, there’s an awesome little fox toy that has a squeaky ball for a body a knot to start its tail with a squeaker in it! And being a labrador retriever (they are quite the obsessive chewers!) with his adult teeth now, he’s obliterating stuffed toys in minutes already (even the so called “tough/chew guards” don’t stand a chance with their weak points), yet somehow this cheap (3$), adorably distressed looking little fox from Target’s fun Boots & Barkley dog product line keeps surviving the last few weeks! Impressed, i had to go find more! There’s the fox, beaver, and platypus in a few different colors… and they all have amusing distressed eyes that are too cute while being whipped about by Bucky. Take a peek at all the details on the next page!

Here’s the pile of them at Target! aniball0.jpg

These are the options i found… perhaps there are a few more floating about out there? aniball2.jpg





These two were too fun for 3$ - squeaker body, krinkly feet… aniball7.jpg

Bucky got this guy’s filling out in about 2 minutes… aniball8.jpg

Here’s a peek at how our first little fox ball survived the last few weeks… aniball9.jpg

Big view of the platypus! (or is it supposed to be a duck?) aniball10.jpg

Here’s a peek at how Bucky likes to play with them… they are great with a hockey stick! jump10.jpg

jump12.jpg (See more puppy jumping here.)

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