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Research: Luggage Tags- 02.03.13

traveltags.jpg We’ve recently been researching the world of Luggage Tags. Since i was rounding it all up anyhow, figured you might be interested too (and this is an easy way for me to not lose what we’ve found!) There are also some of our random notes on the next page…

When it comes to luggage tags, here are some of the main functionality questions that came up: (1) Permanently attached or removable? (2) Information/Name visible or hidden? (3) Do you switch addresses/information or always use the same information? (4) Check in? Or carry on? (5) Business card or random size? When it isn’t a reusable luggage tag, other options include stickers, paper ones from airline, or a section built into suitcase.

Past problems we’ve had: Leather straps wear down, rip off in transit. Need to switch addresses depending what the destination is (or if you share bags with someone). Stickers can come off. Should it be stiff or flexible? Ink/paper should be waterproof (wet bags = ink runs!) Perhaps it should be analog? Usb keys, qr codes, barcodes, etc where people register it - almost screams valuable even more… If someone does look at the info, will they put the tag back together? It shouldn’t be too complex, main goal is if your bag gets lost or needs to be identified as yours - it is easily doable (without necessarily sharing your cell phone number to airport stalkers)

menu.jpg Menu Luggage Tag

owen.jpg Owen & Fred Custom Leather Luggage Tag

herblester.jpg Herb Lester Rail, Sea, Land, and Air Luggage Tags

dror.jpg Dror for Tumi Luggage Tag

moleskine.jpg Moleskine Luggage Tags

apolistag.jpg Apolis Transit Issue Luggage Tag

tanner.jpg Tanner Goods Luggage Tag

valextra.jpg Valextra for Monocle

bucky.jpg Bucky ID Handle Wrap

smythson.jpg Smythson Luggage Label

dwell.jpg Dwell Studio ID tags

flight001.jpg Variety of Luggage Tags at Flight 001

tumi.jpg Tumi Luggage Tags

eta.jpg ETA Marquee Luggage Tags

rei.jpg REI Square Luggage Tag

My ideal luggage tag = zip tie on (not easily removable), info covered, but can be seen behind a panel (helps deal with getting wet), unbreakable. doesn’t scream “expensive stuff inside/steal me”

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