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Soda & Swine + Polite Provisions- 02.19.13

swinesoda00.jpg A spontaneous road trip came up yesterday which landed me at the brand new Soda & Swine is a meatball and soda spot and its alcoholic pharmacy of a sister, Polite Provisions that just popped up in Normal Heights in San Diego… being unexpected, this post is a cell phone peek into our experiences… lots of fun branding and signage… and it’s an interesting set up. You can only order meatballs and soda and soft serve and pie at Soda & Swine, but you can have it brought over to you at Polite Provisions… you can order cocktails, punch bowls, beer cocktails, cocktails on tap, wine, etc at Polite Provisions, but you can’t bring them to Soda & Swine. To go between the two - you go to the hallway of the bathrooms in Polite Provisions and through the doorway to pop out behind the fireplace in Soda & Swine, which is actually in a roofless area that feels like you’re in between buildings (just look up to notice the stars and moon shining brightly down on you amongst the heatlamps)…

Interesting set up - cute spaces - tucked away in a quickly hipsterifying Normal Heights… it’s surrounded by bus stops, liquor store, dollar store and across from the Air Conditioned Lounge. And i can’t help but wonder if meatballs are the new sausage… Soda & Swine lets you pick the meatball style (smashed in a slider, 3 in a sub, on pasta, or 3 a la carte) then the flavor, cheese, and sauce. You must try the Smoked Pork, it’s definitely the best of the lot. Also the brussel sprouts with bacon and broccolini are delicious… apricot soft serve tasted like dried apricots and cream blended together… and the Caribbean Vacation on tap and Scottish Breakfast were lovely. If you’re ready - take a peek at the details on the next page!

p.s. There seems to be a dispute as to what this area counts as - is it Normal Heights? Between Heights? North Park? Regardless - you’ll find these two at 30th and Adams!










Love this wood inlay on the butcher block at the counter where you order… swinesoda7.jpg




Here’s the view from behind the fireplace… swinesoda11.jpg

This is the doorway from the bathrooms in Polite Provisions that lead you to the fireplace at Soda & Swine… swinesoda12.jpg

Inside Polite Provisions… swinesoda13.jpg

















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Felix, we’ve seen them card in that bathroom hallway on the way from Soda & Swine over to Polite Provisions too

----- jean/NOTCOT 12.03.13 09:26

Soda n Swine is great !!! POLITE PROVISION too much a FOO FOO bar for a whiskey drinker especially when they dont carry jack and other named brands!!! they card you in the front but U can go through Soda n swine so the carding doesnt work !!!!

----- felix 12.03.13 08:39

Official city maps show everything west of the 805 is University Heights. Normal Works for me. The folks in this neighborhood nicknamed it “Between Heights.” Whatever the name, Polite Provisions and Soda & Swine are welcome, delicious and very cool additions to the area!

----- Ivan Schmetterling 19.02.13 17:16

Thanks for the post. I’ve been here a few times now and I really like it. One thing, though…the “Between Heights” area while close in culture and geography to Normal Heights (AKA Abnormal Heights, hehe), is actually northern North Park. Sure, it depends who you ask, but living in the area myself I know that most people (and the City of San Diego) consider the area along Adams between the 805 and Texas as North Park. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normal_Heights,_San_Diego

----- Manny 19.02.13 13:11

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