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Inspiration in NYC- 05.24.13

nytrip0.jpg For all of the NY Design Week randomness we’ve loved and already posted, flipping through our instagrams (and Shawn’s) proved the real fun happened between the events! So here’s a peek at everything ELSE that inspired and amused us that turned up on our phones! Take a peek at everything from the LOOK signage i was hunting for, to street art, to taco store floors, to the game of thrones like saw chair, the wedding we went to, the wooden beer slide, suits and surf photoshoot, and so much more on the next page… (and for those who follow our instagrams, here’s a bit more context.)

It started off rough with a 2 hour delay in LA… nytrip1.jpg

But the Nolitan was perfect when we got in, and Cantine Parisienne, delicious.



Also the construction outside the door, every day i hoped some giraffe/sheep street art would pop up inside. nytrip2.jpg

This chair at Green Depot looked like the Game of Thrones’ handyman throne… nytrip3.jpg

The Museum of Math was less than expected (more on the disappointment and awesomeness here) ~ and this book bummed me out the most! nytrip4.jpg

We hunted all over for these, only to look down one day and see it in the cab. nytrip5.jpg

Happiest, giddiest, funnest CW&T wedding! (and one more LOOK! sign painted practically outside the hotel…) nytrip6.jpg

I love these trees… nytrip7.jpg

Inside the adorable “Goods for Study” store on mulberry (thanks, ami!) nytrip8.jpg

Here’s what happens when you cover a stool with reflective tape and flash it! nytrip9.jpg

Nervous System’s lovely lights at ICFF! nytrip9a.jpg

The SVA students had some interesting roaming installations at Wanted Design… here’s Shawn sticking out his tongue at me on the other side of their kaleidoscope! nytrip10.jpg

Some ICFF fun ~ the parabola chair… the water ripple flower holders i impulse bought because they were even more awesome in person… gas tank couches… and it’s just nice to look up in the trees once you get out of javitz! nytrip11.jpg

Design Within Reach has the cutest USB key/paper clip nytrip12.jpg

Fort Standart made a fun wooden beer luge! nytrip13.jpg

Across from wanted design and above the lambo dealership… prettiest fire escape! nytrip14.jpg

Random street finds… nespresso looks like a robot! warby parker’s store is HUGE and really gets into the whole “sorting books by color” thing, the staircase up to Kiosk is still crazy, and totally worth the the climb. nytrip15.jpg

:) nytrip16.jpg

Looking up at cooper union and the clouds… nytrip17.jpg

Sweet V8 Defender… nytrip18.jpg

Testing out green juice at Butcher’s Daughter (not sure i’d go back, the service was crazy slow/disorganized)… WHOOSHy bar lights… floor and tacos from La Esquina. nytrip19.jpg

Looked out the window to see a suit + surfboard on skateboard photoshoot going on… nytrip20.jpg

Someday i’ll have enough space for the huge Hope light… still can’t believe that girl didn’t care that everyone could see up her skirt when i told her… nice bookshelf + fun cask blown apart at Barrique… nytrip21.jpg

If you have a chance, definitely pop into Erica Weiner’s jewelry store ~ its fun online, but its even more amazing in person! nytrip22.jpg

Fun at the ITP end of year show… nytrip23.jpg

The Captain Crunch Halo Halo bowl of craziness at Talde was intense… nytrip28.jpg

View from the rooftop of the Nolitan… nytrip24.jpg

Hello There! Shawn and I in the Nolitan elevator… nytrip25.jpg

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Thanks for an awesome NYC photo gallery. Keep up the great work!


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