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The End of the Big Beer Barrel- 05.19.13

bigbeer.jpg Here’s the latest from London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw!

While over at New York Design Week they have the Progetto Barrique (with the swing we loved here) with designers repurposing reclaimed casks… here in London, there’s a similar project upcycling beer barrels! This is one of my favorite projects from May Design Series, “The end of the Big Beer Barrel” from Switzerland-based Yask. The project’s premise is the retirement on 50 litre (11 gallon) stainless steel beer barrels in favor of a new smaller model. The iconic larger sized beer barrels will suddenly be retired from use and candidates for recycling or upcycling. The studio explored how these barrels might be used in variety of contexts. Take a peek on the next page!


I was intrigued by the beer barrel bench and planter.


Cute little booklet of ideas for the Big Beer Barrel project. Yask has created a contest for young designers to discover alternative functions for these soon-to-be-retired barrels.




I especially love the idea of geese living in barrels!


A barrel-based planter and bench on show at the May Design Series.

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