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TOYS! Metaproject 03 - RIT/Areaware- 05.19.13

metatoy0.jpg On amazing projects at ICFF this year, i’m smitten by metaproject 03 - between RIT School of Design and Areaware. As they describe, “Each student will be required to explore the properties of wood and its use as a primary material in object construction. They will be required to research examples of cuturally specific historical and contemporary toys and to define the meaning of Universal Toy. Ultimately each student will select and research a specific object typology in the domestic sphere and a specific cultural / situational context and respond with an inventive proposal that explores the meaning and notion of how toys integrate into contemporary cultures and lifestyles.” It was hard to ignore the pull of the MANY playful/modern wooden toys on pedestals in the center of the floor… the students did an incredible job bringing the “universal toy” motif to life, and i hope some of them have the chance to become real products! Take a peek at some of my favorites on the next page.

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I came across this story, and had to smile. Not just because of the toys, but because of the following statement from the design brief:

“Each student will be required to explore the properties of wood and its use as a primary material in object construction.”

I wish every design school would teach their designers to explore the properties of materials and their use in object construction.

----- Eric Larson 03.06.13 20:23

MetaProject was a fabulous experience for my son and all of the other students! Thank you for highlighting this wonderful class!

----- Judi 22.05.13 13:25

This project is really great. Lot’s of creativity for all those toys!!

----- aurelia-m 19.05.13 00:15

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