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Inside Philips SlimStyle LED Bulb- 02.23.14

slim0.jpg I’ve been so intrigued by the Philips LED SlimStyle A Shape since we first posted it on NOTCOT.org, so when i saw them in person at Home Depot, i couldn’t resist! While they are certainly slim, they are far thicker than i imagined ~ but the plastic and lighting (both color and brightness) feel great. But my curiosity didn’t stop there, after testing it out in a few lights, i had to see what was inside! What allows for this unique design is the brilliant move of eliminating the large heat sink for this LED Bulb by spreading out the LEDs on the disk (and giving each its own tiny flat copper heat sink) ~ less weight, less space, less energy, and as far as i could tell, the lighting was comparable to the other incandescent bulbs around. All in all, i’m definitely tempted to replace more bulbs around the house with these ~ and they even work with dimmers! Take a peek on the next page for a closer look at the packaging and dissection.



From the press photos (above) I somehow imagined these would be thinner…






Sawing the plastic to free the base, you can pop the plastic off of the LED board… slim7.jpg



Views on Instagram while i was playing with all of this… slim6.jpg


For an even more detailed breakdown - check out Designing with LEDs ~ also see their closer look at the bulb driver.

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Tommy Edison would be proud!

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