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Mophie Space Pack- 02.25.14

spacepak0.jpg On fun surprises, the nice folks at Mophie just sent over their new Mophie Space Pack! And honestly, it’s kind of magical! As is expected from Mophie, it boosts your battery life ~ but now it’s also adding an additional 16GB to 32GB of storage! And by storage, i mean that more like an external harddrive or flash drive that both your computer and a compatible iPhone can read. It isn’t exactly letting your iPhone fill up and then automatically use the space on the Space Pack. Their Space App enable you to browse files, take photos straight to the Space Pack, listen to music and watch videos (with airplay!), airdrop files to other iphones, and more. It’s definitely an easy way to transfer photos from your computer to iPhone to then open in Instagram, etc.

In the past we shared our unboxing of the rugged Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro, which we still carry around to events, on trips, etc and use regularly. What i love about that one is that you can charge anything via USB and it’s easy to share. Similarly with the new Mophie Space Pack, as long as your friend/colleague/etc has a compatible iPhone and grabs the Space App, you can share both power and storage easily. In fact, i love that this sample came preloaded with all of the press photos and documents, far more efficient than additional print outs or another USB key! Take a peek at the unboxing and details of the Mophie Space Pack on the next page!


Inside the shipping box is a magnetic black on black box… spacepak2.jpg

And inside that one is the new Mophie Space Pack! A white 32GB model! spacepak3.jpg

Lightning connector… spacepak5.jpg

Love the way their buttons to the iphone buttons work… spacepak6.jpg

There are little air pockets for the speakers to play through, and they include a short headphone adapter in case your headphones can’t reach… spacepak7.jpg

The connectors for the case… spacepak8.jpg

Push the button to see the battery charge! spacepak18.jpg

Now for the Space App! This unlocks the hard drive side of the case… which came prefilled with the Space Pack press photos and docs. spacepak9.jpg

I love the colorfully simple UI ~ you can browse all of your files, easily search, see how much space is available, check battery level, and settings ~ as well as take pictures straight to the drive. My favorite feature, is that you can plug it into a computer and it shows up as an external HD. Load it up with pictures and music, and you can easily browse them and save them to your phone or open them into instagram, etc (though i haven’t yet figured out how to save files from the phone to space without simply syncing all camera photos). And you can easily share your charge and files with a friend with a compatible phone too. The app also supports airplay and airdrop for more options! spacepak19.jpg

Here’s what happens if you unplug the Space Pack while the app is open… spacepak11.jpg

Mophie loves you! spacepak12.jpg

A peek at the packaging… spacepak13.jpg

And if you’re curious how much bigger it makes your phone… The iPhone 5/5s is 3.95 oz and the Mophie Space Pack will add an additional 2.8oz. spacepak14.jpg

Find out more about the Mophie Space Pack here.

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