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Shapeways 3D Print Materials Kit- 02.05.14

shapeways7.jpg In the “wish someone told me this earlier” category ~ you should have 3D printing material test kits on hand before your client has to decide which to use! We’re currently crunched on time for a big project where we need to order a few hundred 3D prints sooner than later… and as we shop around various 3D printers, you forget how many types of materials and colors and options exist! Even if some places have the same materials/printers - they will all vary depending on whether they are dyeing or polishing them… you just can’t do big orders without getting test prints… and before even deciding which material(s) to test print in… samples of various materials are extremely helpful! Beyond simply how it looks and feels in real life - it’s great to test how flexible they are, how light shines through, how they dye, etc etc etc… And on a time crunch, i’m still getting used to how slow printing and shipping for projects can be ~ especially in this spoiled Amazon Prime world we are in…

So, I wanted to share these amazing Materials Sample Kits from Shapeways. They have three kits, the Color & Finish, Basic, and Metals, and each kit comes with samples on a 3D printed safety pin of sorts and coordinating trading cards with stats on each material as well as images of some prints using them. I also appreciate that they encourage people to explore and understand the various materials by including a $25 Shapeways credit with the basic kit, which ultimately sets you back $5 if you were planning on ordering something anyhow! While these kits don’t cover ALL of their materials, it’s a great start. Take a peek at the unboxing and details on the next page.

shapeways1.jpg “Made in the future, made for you.” That just makes me smile…

shapeways2.jpg They make the most of every panel of their shipping boxes!

shapeways3.jpg Sample kits!

shapeways4.jpg In each zip pack there is a 3D printed safety pin of samples and matching info cards.





shapeways9.jpg Nice touch with the engraving and floating rings to help you get a feel for all the possible details…

shapeways10.jpg The backs all have Ss…

shapeways11.jpg A peek at both sides of the Fine Detail Acrylic card and sample.

shapeways12.jpg Here’s a look at all of the Shapeways Materials Sample Kits. And honestly, i’m really glad i’m playing with these not only for sorting things out for my own designs to print, but even when deciding what materials to purchase other people’s prints in…

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I had laughed when I read read your article. I recently purchased 3 sample kits from Shapeways and received a $75.00 credit almost immediately thereafter. However, I didn’t wait to see how they looked or performed as I also immediately purchased $100.00 worth of product. I discovered the hard way that some choices are not printable. Though I received credits, I wish I had the sample kits in hand. It also turned out that some of my material choices were not so great, given the type of product they were used on. I too was on thight schedule and since they are demo models, remain happy with what I received. But still…

Great advise!

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