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Crufts Dog Show 2014- 03.12.14

cruft0.jpg Here’s the latest from London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw!

This year we visited Crufts on the day of the Working and Pastoral (Herding) Groups. There were no Gamekeepers present like last year’s Gun Dog day, but the day did mark the judging of some amazing dogs, including towering Great Danes, Mastiffs and St. Bernards in the working group, as well as some impressively dreadlocked Komondors and perfectly fluffed Old English Sheepdogs in the herding group. We met some fantastic dogs and dog lovers and as always, the sweetest moments were always, those little interactions between dogs and their people. More photos of Day 1 at Crufts on the next page.

cruft1.jpg Huskies waiting in the dog stands for their time in the ring.

cruft2.jpg A Neapolitan Mastiff relaxing with his people.

cruft3.jpg Even big dogs need to hop on the grooming table. This Newfoundland gets a final look over before heading ringside.

cruft4.jpg A Rough-coated Collie waits with his adorable sheep blanket.

cruft5.jpg Most of the dogs are show regulars and know how to get comfy, making their own pillows, like this Bernese Mountain Dog.

cruft6.jpg Lots of drool bibs were in use for the Working Dog breeds, which include some heavy droolers like St. Bernards, Newfoundlands and Mastiffs.

cruft7.jpg Huskies in their stands.

cruft8.jpg Lots of groomers were hard at work on Old English Sheepdogs and other longhaired breeds.

cruft9.jpg The samoyeds looked immaculately white, showing off the contrast with their black pigment. The dog on top of this crate turned grooming table seemed to taunt the poor dog below.

cruft10.jpg A sleepy mastiff.

cruft11.jpg Like any competition with so many competitors, there’s a lot of waiting to be done, for both people and dogs! This bullmastiff is on the lookout as his human relaxes.

cruft12.jpg Stuffed dog toy of all breeds.

cruft13.jpg A malamute sneaking in a nap.

cruft14.jpg This Leonberger and his owner might be getting ready to head home early, but it doesn’t seem to have dampened their spirits. Many of the sweetest moments of Crufts aren’t about wins in the ring, but the relationships between dogs and their people.

cruft15.jpg A ring-ready Samoyed relaxes on the grooming table.

cruft16.jpg A Mastiff on his Union Jack rug, staying comfy ringside.

cruft17.jpg A dog toy demonstrates doggie swimming systems.

cruft18.jpg Photos don’t quite capture just how tall these towering Great Danes are!

cruft19.jpg A Russian Black Terrier (a member of the Working Group) is almost unrecognizable from behind. THere’s a dog somewhere in all that fur!

cruft20.jpg With so many vendors, many dogs and owners were trying samples. These terriers couldn’t believe their luck at what seemed an open buffet of treats.

cruft21.jpg A mastiff takes a break from the action, watching people pass by.

cruft22.jpg St. Bernards relaxing on their benches. The big dogs are allocated longer benches for stretching out.

cruft23.jpg Under all that fluff there’s an excellent herding dog!

cruft24.jpg A gorgeous blue Great Dane coming to see what I’m up to.

cruft25.jpg A watchful Briard. Hope that’s not his coffee!

cruft26.jpg Bernese Mountain dogs wait for their people to get ready.

cruft27.jpg This Border Collie was attentively following the action in the ring, while her person read the morning paper.

cruft28.jpg Along the Great Dane benches.

cruft29.jpg A young handler and his Border Collie look ready for judging.

cruft30.jpg A dog’s showmanship and ring presence can make the difference when being judged. This Alaskan Malamute definitely knew he was in the spotlight.

cruft31.jpg My favorite of the working breeds, the Tibetan Mastiff. This handsome dog showed of his “lion mane” and had one of the deepest, rumbling barks I’ve ever heard.

cruft32.jpg Finished with his group, he can relax with his family.

cruft33.jpg An Old English Sheepdog on the move.

cruft34.jpg Dobermans in the ring.

cruft35.jpg A happy, slightly mischievous Samoyed on the left and a hug from a very tall Great Pyrennes on the right.

cruft36.jpg The best of breed Newfoundland strutting its stuff in the group ring.

cruft37.jpg The Komondor shows off its dreadlocked coat in the Pastoral group.

cruft38.jpg Handler and Neapolitan Mastiff working to impress the judges.

cruft39.jpg A young handler taking her Papillon through the agility course.

As always, Crufts was a great chance to meet some great dogs and dog lovers. It was fascinating to see all the ways dogs and people are working together, whether that’s dogs sniffing out low blood sugar levels and helping the disabled do their laundry, or humans helping ensure we’re breeding happier and healthier companions. At the end of the day, the dogs were doing what they do best, being dogs and spending time with their people. Despite the early starts, late nights, hours on the grooming table and waiting around for their turn…win or lose, most dogs were happy for a fun day out with their favorite people.

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So nice to see all the Danes with uncropped ears.

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