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JBL J46BT Bluetooth Headphones- 04.09.14

jblbt9.jpg JBL was kind enough to surprise me with some JBL J46BT Bluetooth Headphones. I’ve been curious about Bluetooth earbuds for some time, but this is the first time test driving some in real life… perfect for workouts, running around the house/yard/after the dog untethered, and probably for airplanes so i don’t trip over the cord when getting in and out of the seat! First impressions ~ sound quality isn’t the greatest, it certainly lacks range. BUT i’m fascinated by some of their design details - especially the way it charges with a little clip to two contacts to the ear buds. See the full unboxing and details on the next page…









jblbt9.jpg You basically slide the neck into the clip ~ and open the spring loaded clip to hold the contacts on the ear bud…


jblbt11.jpg I love that it has a mic, but the way the streamlined size is, it doesn’t hang down easily (more likely to want to be near your ear) so people on the other end of my calls weren’t hearing me very well…

All in all ~ i love the direction of the technology, and the JBL J46BT Bluetooth Headphones are definitely intriguing for specific use cases ~ like working out!

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Hi, I have the same problem as Corinna. Has anyone found an answer yet?

----- Andrea Solis 18.07.17 15:04

Did you have to charge them before pairing with your device? I just got these and when I go to charge the red light only stays on for a few seconds then turns off. When I hold down the power button I get nothing, no lights and it is not pairing with my note 4.

----- Corrinna Treloar 18.12.15 11:01

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