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Front Runner Outfitters- 05.18.14

frontrunner1.jpg “GO TO EXTREMES. BRING BACK PROOF.” This ad for Front Runner Outfitters sums up the potential and lifestyle of overlanding wonderfully! And this is just one of may stunning visuals they have. Honestly, one thing that has struck me when researching all things overlanding, both online and in person, is the lack of usability and branding/identity in communications. So many of the websites seem to be surprisingly difficult to navigate, and even when you figure out which products you are interested in, it isn’t the easiest to find exact dimensions/weights, vehicle compatibility, and i’ve run into lots of dead ends following links. This definitely feels like a very forum driven industry when it comes to trying to find reviews and detailed comparisons… So it has been a breath of fresh air to find Front Runner Outfitters.

According to the press page, “Front Runner is a 14 year old South African based company founded by a team of engineers, designers, outdoor enthusiasts and professional off-road drivers.” Their tiki themed booth definitely stood out amongst the Arizona landscape of our first Overland Expo adventure… and their ‘Go to extremes. Bring back proof.’ ads are just fantastic. Additionally, as a newcomer to overlanding, their one-sheet Vehicle Specific Brochures (including a Toyota Land Cruiser 80 one that looks a lot like our white NOTFZJ80) definitely helps me visualize the possibilities MUCH more easily! Take a peek at the next page to see some of the fun goods we found, the FJ80 one sheet, as well as more of their great ads!


This one is definitely my favorite! frontrunner3.jpg

It was great to see the Front Runner Spare Tire Mount Braai/BBQ Grill in person that we featured in the Design of Overlanding earlier. frontrunner4.jpg

Here it is in BBQ Grill mode! frontrunner5.jpg

Nice detail - Front Runner Rack Mount Shower Bracket - while we are roof rack shopping, i’m getting really intrigued in their modular Slimline II Roof Rack Systems - there are so many options to add on to it! frontrunner6.jpg

On smart materials - it really helped me visualize possibilities when they pulled out a one sheet with an FJ80 on it - in white (like ours!) - and they have them for quite a few vehicles… the graphics of their other brochures and catalogs are great as well. frontrunner13.jpg

Now back to their ads - love them! Here are a few more fun ones i found on the Front Runner Outfitters’ Facebook page and in their brochures…







Don’t they just make you want to run out and go exploring?

On other fun visual communications - while researching the Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack System, the brochure is really helpful, and this video really pulled it all together nicely.

And as far as having FUN - they even picked up this Jeep Rubicon BY THE ROOF RACK with a crane…

Will keep you posted how our roof rack hunt and how The NOTFZJ80 Project progresses, but for now i couldn’t resist sharing how inspiring the graphics and customer-friendly-usability of Front Runner Outfitters are! Also, if you’re in LA too - there’s a store/showroom in Burbank, which we hear is about to expand when they move to Agoura Hills shortly!

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