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Mission Workshop/ACRE: The Hauser - 05.15.14

acre0.jpg I “needed” a new hydration/trail pack. And while i’d been curious about ACRE (a special division of Mission Workshop) since they launched back in Fall ‘13… the website has such stunning images! But it wasn’t until i ran into the packs in person in Portland that i couldn’t get them out of my head. So i finally gave in and ordered The Hauser Weatherproof Hydration Pack 10L and couldn’t be happier! This biggest seller for me on this bag in person was the material - photos just don’t do it justice. The Dimension-Polyant 210d nylon VX ripstop with waterproof laminate has such subtle diamonds that add another dimension to the simplicity of the Hauser’s design - which is packed with such thoughtful, useful details… from the perforated padding to the tool roll, the multiple anchor points to the watertight zippers, the flap down to the rolltop option, and more! Check out the details up close on the next page!

The ACRE site ~ beautifully minimal. acre1.jpg

The pack can be worn with a Flap Down or a Roll Top. acre2.jpg

Here are pics from Mission Workshop siteacre3.jpg

And a look at details from the ACRE siteacre4.jpg

I debated between black and gray - trying to convince myself that the black might get too hot in warm weather… but ultimately landed on black! There’s something so nice about the subtle diamond pattern in the Dimension-Polyant 210d nylon VX ripstop with waterproof laminate. acre4a.jpg

Here’s a peek at more details in real life…

The label! acre5.jpg

The 4 weatherproof exterior pockets! acre6.jpg

The Hauser even comes with the Internal Tool Roll which fits perfectly in pocket #1. acre7.jpg

Made in the USA. Also, a close up look at 70d nylon ripstop with waterproof TPU laminate lining. acre8.jpg

When unzipping the hydration pack section - you get a peek at the back of the diamond patterned exterior. acre9.jpg

The pack fits a 3L hydration reservoir - with a velcro loop to secure the reservoir and the hose can pop out of either shoulder or by the underarms. acre10jpg

The hose can be clipped to either shoulder strap. acre11.jpg

Multiple anchor points for the shoulder straps and waist belt! acre12.jpg

And not being built like the guys in their pictures - the 10L pack fits well on my 5’4” lady frame, and adjusting the anchor points make it far more comfortable! If you have a larger frame, you can probably pull off the larger Hauser 14L, but it was a bit big on me. Unfortunately their websites make it a bit unclear what the dimensions are like for the two sizes, and they use the same images for both the 10L and 14L!

Here you can also see the hidden carry straps that are in zip #4. acre13.jpg

Oooh and i just noticed, if you close the pack flap down (vs roll top) - it’s perfect for a patch! acre14.jpg


… and one more thing ~ here’s a peek at the double sided poster that came in the package! acre16.jpg


All in all, i’m currently giddy about my new Hauser Weatherproof Hydration Pack 10L and can’t wait to take it on some adventures!

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