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Tooth-tingling Icecream with Bompas & Parr- 06.05.14


Here’s the latest from London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw.

When we heard Bompas & Parr were teaming up with Colgate we didn’t know what to expect. But when we heard it’d be a chance to check out their new studio space (and kitchen!), we knew it’d be a treat and glimpse inside their delicious and fantastic world.

The event turned out to be an interesting tooth-testing evening of making our own bizarre icecreams using liquid nitrogen and a host of unusual ingredients. Find out more on the next page.


Sam Bompas shows us around the new studio.


The Four Horsemen of the Oesophagus and lots of jelly molds!


Ziggurat jelly molds line the window sills.


A lovely library of food, science, art and inspiration!


We then headed down into the kitchen, donning aprons and safety glasses in preparation for our icecream experimentation! The goal was to create the most tooth sensitivity-inducing icecream possible, combining sensitivity triggers like heat, cooling, sweetness and acidity. We all started with an icecream base to which we could add a variety of unusual ingredients.


Our potential additions included Szechuan buzz buttons (which we first discovered with Bompas & Parr at their Feasting launch), hot chilli peppers, mint, berries, hot sauces, xylitol, malic acid and a host of other sweeteners and acids.


There were also lots of toppings on offer including popping candy, sprinkles and glitter!


A closer look at those battery-lick flavored flowers.


An assortment of acids, sweeteners and essences.



We chose to go with a buzz button/xylitol/malic acid/mint concoction, but needed to bring it all together as an icecream with some liquid nitrogen, which managed to break the thermometer with a chilling sub -25C temperature.


Adding liquid nitrogen to our mixtures to turn them into smooth icecreams.



Stirring made the kitchen look like a coven of witches stirring their brews!


Icecream complete, there was nothing left to do but try our creations. I must confess our particular concoction might appeal to a rather niche market. You won’t be finding it in stores any time soon!

What a fun way to introduce Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpastes. Icecream was one of a number of tests concocted by Bompas & Parr for Colgate. More tooth-testing recipes below!







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