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The NOTlabs Instagram- 07.18.14

instagramlabs.jpg I’ve been noticing a lot of shifting and balancing in my life recently - as NOTCOT closes in on turning the big 1-0 - we’ve been trying new projects, larger experiments, and still constantly collecting/sharing what inspires us on our digital studio inspiration board of sorts that has always been NOTCOT.org… but the biggest thing i’ve realized is having to shift my priorities time wise! So as i’ve focused on more PHYSICAL projects - time spent writing feature posts definitely definitely wavers more - BUT for those of you who want a peek into what we’re playing with and working on before they turn into features, we’ve been sharing more and more of that on our NOTlabs Instagram! From products we’re in the midst of trying out (Like the new Formlabs Form 1+ 3D Printer and Ignoble Bags), to the continued adventures of Bucky, the NOTpuppy, to the NOTFZJ80 Project and more… feel free to join + chat with us there!

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