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Obsession/Trend: Enamelware- 08.23.14

enamelware.jpg So it all began with the adorable Mexican Loteria espresso/shot enamelware set our friends gave us… combined with the NOTFZJ80 progress and camp gear shopping… which lead to Shawn admitting his nostalgic side wanted some old school enamelware… which lead me down an internet rabbit hole of all things enamelware… so since i fell all the way down there ~ what i found was everything from gaudy to adorable, hipster to classic, and even the Polish manufacturer that seems to be behind many of the recent ones popping up now! Is enamelware the new mason jar? Take a peek at some of the best ones i found on the next page… they come in all shapes and sizes, with printing around the exterior, interior, handle, and even base!

It started here - with our Mexican, Malinalco Home Loteria Espresso Cups we were gifted… mexican.jpg

They also have an adorable Mexican Wrestler set… and they are in espresso cups, mugs, plates, and more! malinalco.jpg

For some background research… History of Enamelware

More traditional patterns are the speckled blue and red - like GSI Outdoors Enamelware which seems to be in every outdoors store. Now they even have a neon green of sorts… and beyond your camp basics are so many different pots, pans, servingware, kettles, and all the accessories… gsi.jpg

One of the first sets i kept coming across are Best Made Co. Tumblers, Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Set, and Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Steel Utility Pot. bestmade.jpg

One of the cutest variants i recently found - Eagle Rock Yacht Club Cereal Bowls! eaglerock.jpg

And those coffee connoisseurs (you know who you are) won’t be able to resist the black and white Stumptown Coffee Enamel Mug Set and Voyager Set. stumptown.jpg

Next i found Treeline Outdoors teasing some on their Instagramtreeline.jpg

… which lead me over to the adorable Elephant riding Overland Empire Enamel Mug! overlandempire.jpg

And our friends at Base Camp X have also started carrying some! Billy Mug and a few colors of Big Belly Mugsbasecamp.jpg

… and this is where i started tumbling down the rabbit hole of essentially the hipster adventurer enamelware trend…

United By Blue Enamel Mugunitedbyblue.jpg

Poler Lasso Camp Mugspoler.jpg

Sanborn Canoe Enamel Mugssanborncanoe.jpg

Penfield Enamel Mugpenfield.jpg

Square Trade Goods Enamel Mugsquaretrade.jpg

The Lyndon James Davies Vintage Camper Enamelware series is a bit more unusual, playful, and adorable! Also i’m curious to find out more about those LIDS! vintagebus.jpg

From the graphic adventurer options - i started down a path of the more traditional, elegant options as easily fitting in at home as in camp… leading to Falcon Enamelware est. 1920. Their tumblers and clean colors are so refreshing, and that bowl set! The packaging… the nesting… the colander! falco.jpg

And if we weren’t agreed enamelware is making a comeback right now… even West Elm got in on it. West Elm Enamel Servers, Enamel Bowls, Enamel Mugs, Enamel Dinnerware. westelm.jpg

I’m pretty sure i reached the bottom of the internet rabbit hole i fell down when i finally discovered the mysterious Emalco Enamelware Poland - seems to be where to go if you want customs made. While their website is under construction… a peek at their Facebook Photostream shows a lot of the ones above being made! And even more around the world with similar styles! Who are they? “We are enamel manufacturer based in Poland specialized in delivering high quality enamelware and enamel signs to any customer around the world. In our range we have rare classic shapes of enamelware. Most of them were designed and produced for over hundred years. Production technology since then has not much changed. We are cultivating the heritage of great art of enameling and proud to offer premium quality products to our clients.”

So this is how they start… making.jpg

… then “All ceramic decals are applied by skilled hands on every mug. But before that each motive have to be soaked in water and then taken out and carefully placed in position on the mug according to our customer wish.” also… “After is dry again we bake the mug with decor in the oven for the last final time. Decor will melt into enamel layer and will stay like that for ages!” emalco.jpg


And while it seems that most are picking the more traditional 12-16oz sides, there are SO many options… here are 6 cm diameter, then 7 cm, 8 cm, 9 cm and 10 cm! emalco2.jpg

… even different shapes! shapes.jpg

So i guess the question is… do we need a NOTCOT Enamel Mug? Or shot glass?

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4 Notes

Hilarious post! I also shamelessly want all of these enamelware mugs. Because I’m dirty hipster scum.

----- Hannah 07.02.15 12:45

Colours and contrasts, lots of idea for a birthday gift. Some mugs are actually very funny. I probably have a 100 mugs at home ; )

----- Emma 27.08.14 01:17

Did you know that the little guys (red and green) with hats are the ones that told you what to do at a traffic light? Been in use for ages in East Germany, some time after the reunion they became popular and big on merchandise…

Greetings from the East,

----- Anna Katharina 24.08.14 13:04


I have been a long standing fan and frequent user on NotCot, indeed its given me much inspiration on a Monday morning :)

Slightly bermused that you guys did not use any of our ‘splatter-wear’ enamel in this feature? i sent the details over after Clerkenwell Design week.




----- Oliver Dean 24.08.14 08:12

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