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8 days in 100 Instagrams: Alberta, Canada- 09.21.14

use00.jpg This post is part of our special NOTCOT Alberta Great Escape series thanks to our friends at Travel Alberta. In Part I, Shawn, Bucky, and I are loaded up in the NOTFZJ80 spending a week in Alberta roadtripping, camping, and exploring all that we can fit in… follow the series here to see what inspires us along the way!

WOW. It’s surreal to be home in Los Angeles - after putting 4000 miles on the NOTFZJ80 in 2.5 weeks as Shawn, Bucky, and I headed up from LA up through the middle of the US, spent a week in Alberta, Canada, and came home down the west coast… Even as i work on making sense of our many pictures and adventures, SO much has happened and been experienced along the way! One of the most important things i’ve learned on this Alberta adventure - be ready for ANYTHING - from hot weather into a snow storm - from camping to luxury hotels - from stuck in traffic to being alongside amazing creatures. You just never know what might be around the corner…

When I was counting things up, i couldn’t believe how much has happened in our 8 days across the border alone, which i’ve shared in exactly 100 @NOTlabs Instagram pictures! So as fun as breaking it all up is, the epic nature of our adventure seemed like it deserved a post of its own - all 100 instagram pics in chronological order to relive it all in one scroll! See it all from crossing the border to Waterton to Calgary to Canmore to Banff to Jasper to more Calgary to Drumheller and more on the next page.

p.s. Why an Instagram picture roundup of the whole trip? When i look back to remember this adventure - going through hundreds of pictures to make posts is one thing - refiltering it all through a new lens… but the Instagrams in order with their captions… THESE are the things that got us at the exact moments they were happening (or very close to it, depending on cell reception) - looking through/reading all of these are the 8 days as we got excited about things in real time!

1 - We made it across the border yesterday!

2 - Pretty sure Bucky could have laid on the dock at Cameron lake @watertonlakesnp all day 2.jpg

3 - Such a pretty lakeside hike @watertonlakesnp - loving that Canada’s national parks allow dogs on trails!!! 3.jpg

4 - Baby bison frolicking hyperlapse @watertonlakesnp

5 - Pop shoppe!!! 5.jpg

6 - My @watertonlakesnp obsession (bucky’s too) - bison paddock!!! Cutest babies… 6.jpg

7 - Delicious + fun branding - Fernie brewing! 7.jpg

8 - Doggie bed + toy waiting on the couch in the room @hotelartsYYC - Bucky isn’t camping tonight! 8.jpg

9 - Running around Calgary today a few inches of winter found us. #NOTFZJ80 first snow… 9.jpg

10 - Catching up on #ExploreAlberta local brews @ntnl17th … My favorite is the Village Blacksmith! And check out that ticker of what’s on tap. 10.jpg

11 - So deceiving - looks like an enamel @populess mug, but really a ceramic mug! Discovered at the amazing @theuncommons 11.jpg

12 - Fantastic shaves, steampunk guns, + knives in quite the displays @KentOfInglewood 12.jpg

13 - Process makes perfect! And hot choc for camping! And so much more awesome! @theuncommons 13.jpg

14 - Concept is king! Process makes perfect! @theuncommons you know us too well ;) 14.jpg

15 - Love this pic @rshawnsims took of #NOTFZJ80 camp last night at waterton springs campground! 15.jpg

16 - Too pretty to eat? The welcome treats (for humans + pup) from @hotelartsYYC 16.jpg

17 - Dramatic monochromatic views as we head to Canmore 17.jpg

18 - Canmore dog park looks like bucky’s new favorite spot! 18.jpg

19 - Mountain goat treats at the Mut Hut @canmorekananaskis 19.jpg

20 - Amazing camp sites on Spray Lakes 20.jpg

21 - … Pulled into @mountengadinelogde to cozy slippers, moose frolicking, and mama and baby bear… And the offer of a warm room for the night! 21.jpg

22 - … Pulled into @mountengadinelogde to cozy slippers, moose frolicking, and mama and baby bear… And the offer of a warm room for the night! #ExploreAlberta 22.jpg

23 - Looks like staying @mountengadinelodge was a better choice than camping… 23.jpg

24 - Hanging out with the moose last night @mountengadinelodge 24.jpg

25 - Yesterday’s snowy deer on the drive in 25.jpg

26 - Bucky at our cabin door @mountengadinelodge 26.jpg

27 - Great beaver icon… 27.jpg

28 - Blazing trails down the mountain… Bit precarious but #NOTFZJ80 handled well. 28.jpg

29 - Kept thinking white walkers were going to pop out… #WinterIsComing 29.jpg

30 - Could this dog be any happier about the snow? #ExploreAlberta @canmorekananaskis dog park again!

31 - Antler chandelier, bison over the fireplace, and cute bar… Tonight we are @buffalo_banff 31.jpg

32 - When in Banff… We heard you had to try The Grizzly House! Can’t remember the last time I had fondue! #ExploreAlberta #SnowDay 32.jpg

33 - @travelalberta thank you for the perfect local fireside treats for a #SnowDay :) Delicious! 33.jpg

34 - What? #ExploreAlberta spotted in Banff… 34.jpg

35 - These pool ball sized cinnamon twists are like eating the center of a cinnamon roll - wild flower bakery 35.jpg

36 - These pool ball sized cinnamon twists are like eating the center of a cinnamon roll - wild flower bakery 36.jpg

37 - Bucky + @rshawnsims taking it all in at lake moraine #ExploreAlberta #mybanff 37.jpg

38 - Snow skull in the mountain? Colors at Lake Moraine are surreal… #mybanff 38.jpg

39 - Bucky doesn’t understand why these fatty chipmunks keep coming up to him at lake moraine… 39.jpg

40 - Since he was good about the real chipmunks - rewarded him with a toy one! 40.jpg

41 - Don’t be deceived by the sunshine - there’s still snow on the canoes :) 41.jpg

42 - No bears today on the Lake Louise gondola… But what a view! 42.jpg

43 - Bucky at Peyto Lake… Notice the resemblance? 43.jpg

44 - Still can’t get over these colors… Bow lake! 44.jpg

45 - Moose binoculars!!! 45.jpg

46 - Wandered down a path to this… 46.jpg

47 - Heading into Jasper… 47.jpg

48 - Staring contest with Bucky near the @glacierSkywalk 48.jpg

49 - Breathtaking drive up into #myJasper 49.jpg

50 - Hyperlapsing Sunwapta Falls at sunset #myJasper

51 - Tree roots/steps at Sunwapta Falls 51.jpg

52 - Cheers! Mmmm @jasperbrewing is so so good after our day if exploring #myJasper 52.jpg

53 - Hoperating Room @jasperbrewing - Canada’s first brewery in a national park! #myJasper 53.jpg

54 - Bridal veil falls #mybanff 54.jpg

55 - Hyperlapsed water flowing is mesmerizing…

56 - Rainy room service breakfast lakeside @fairmontjpl - feels like luxe summer camp for grown ups :) 56.jpg

57 - Wow! @fairmontjpl is spoiling Bucky… And he’s loving it! 57.jpg

58 - Step off the deck to this stunning lake @fairmontjpl 58.jpg

59 - Uh oh. Bucky’s first golf cart ride… B/c first time valeting the #NOTFZJ80 they can’t get it to start????? @fairmontjpl Oh phew* they just forgot to turn the alarm off so it took nearly and hour… Back to adventuring! 59.jpg

60 - “I’ve never seen a rack like that” 14 point buck + harem of 6 deer roadside #myJasper 60.jpg

61 - One of his deer had quite the GPS necklace… Another had double tagged red 126/127 earrings… 61.jpg

62 - Whole different kind of dramatic driving #myJasper today! 62.jpg

63 - Hillside family of mountain goats - loving #myJasper 63.jpg

64 - Watch out! This guy’s coming for your valuables at the glaciers! #myJasper 64.jpg

65 - No photo can give you a sense of just how tiny you feel against the glaciers… #myJasper 65.jpg

66 - Now that bucky’s tasted fresh glacier water…… #myJasper 66.jpg

67 - Mama bear + 3 cubs just ran by!!!!! #myJasper 67.jpg

68 - Patricia lake at sunset… The reflections!!! #myJasper 68.jpg

69 - Well that was scarily close… Ran into the same bunch of deer (and huge buck) on the way back to @fairmontjpl #jasperparklodge 69.jpg

70 - Baby mountain goats are so cute! #myJasper 70.jpg

71 - Pic in our room from 1914 - sir Arthur Conan Doyle + friends here at #jasperparklodge !!! So much history @fairmontjpl 71.jpg

72 - Cutest vintage fire truck!!! #jasperparklodge @fairmontjpl 72.jpg

73 - No canada trip is complete without a flock of Canadian geese! #jasperparklodge 73.jpg

74 - Bucky started to point and off they went… #jasperparklodge @fairmontjpl 74.jpg

75 - Fantastic 1952 sketches for #jasperparklodge @fairmontjpl 75.jpg

76 - Tough to leave #myjasper when it looks like this! 76.jpg

77 - Fascinated more by the @glacierSkywalk than the views from it #myjasper 77.jpg

78 - Glaciers are a different kind of epic on a hot sunny day… #myjasper 78.jpg

79 - See that parking lot and tiny trail of people? That was us climbing up to the glacier yesterday! 79.jpg

80 - Road trip view of bow glacier/lake… 80.jpg

81 - These colors do not get old… Going to miss that glacier water blue! 81.jpg

82 - These guys were just running along the highway on the way to Calgary! 82.jpg

83 - El pulpo! @beakerhead in Calgary

84 - Hippo + octopus from @beakerhead

85 - Interesting interactive @absolut piece @beakerhead - 3d printed pieces hold bottles together. Tweet at absolut canada with a color and they change… #capturecalgary 84.jpg

86 - That’s some disco ball @beakerhead 85.jpg

87 - Love this @beakerhead street art #capturecalgary 86.jpg

88 - Just because we are out of the woods… Doesn’t mean there aren’t more animal sightings! Turned to find this hare in the parking lot… About a foot and a half tall! #capturecalgary 87.jpg

89 - Def having some nature withdrawal coming back to the city… #capturecalgary 88.jpg

90 - Good morning!!! 89.jpg

91 - Trying out @philandseb coffee #capturecalgary 90.jpg

92 - Never had my coffee aeropressed outside of home! @philandseb

93 - Fun graphics @philandseb 92.jpg

94 - Not in the Rockies anymore… Heading out to Drumheller! 93.jpg

95 - worlds largest dinosaur - Drumheller! 94.jpg

96 - Exploring the Canadian Badlands behind the hoo doos 95.jpg

97 - @icon4x4 thought of you when we drove by these in a town of population: 38. 96.jpg

98 - Awww @hotelartsyyc leaves the prettiest welcome treats! 97.jpg

99 - Love a clean minimal lamp with USB + plugs! @hotelartsyyc who makes your lamps and side tables? :) 98.jpg

100 - Bucky is thrilled to have a little piece of #explorealberta home with him! Thanks for an incredible (dog-awesome) trip @travelalberta ! 100.jpg

While this is the view through 100 instagram pictures through my 8 days in Alberta… for features and more on what we were doing take a look at the series: NOTCOT Alberta Great Escape!

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