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Defy Bags Otis Dog Collar- 09.22.14

defy0.jpg Bucky is now 2! Here’s hoping that everyone’s right that 2 is the magic number where labs chill out a bit. Then again, the 2.5 week road trip all over the US and Canada seems to have helped him learn a lot and relax a bit too. Lucky dog just came home to some surprises, including the hardcore, super stealthy Otis Dog Collar from the nice folks at Defy Bags based and made in Chicago, IL. Throughout their bags and accessories, their signature is definitely the AustriAlpin Cobra Load Bearing Quick-Release Buckle, “which can support 2,000 lbs. These are the same solid steel & brass imported buckles used by U.S. Special Forces. There is no finer buckle on earth,” says the tag. Excessive for a dog collar? Most definitely. Awesome looking and feeling? Indeed. As they say, “Life’s too short for cheap buckles.” Ready to see the details? (I’m also a fan of their branding and tape!) To the next page…

Fun sticker when you first open the box - “You DEFY when others obey.” - But Bucky, don’t get any ideas! Maybe obey us? defy1.jpg

Thank you, Defy Bags! Hopefully Bucky and Otis can meet one day! defy2.jpg


Made on Bucky’s 2nd Birthday! defy4.jpg


Here’s Bucky looking ridiculously serious… while pawing for a gator. You can see how the 1” buckle fits him well and has a nice weight to it. defy6.jpg

Love this tape! Our box was small, so most of it got covered by the shipping label. Check out their pic: defy8.jpg

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