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Sunwapta Falls, Jasper, Alberta- 09.14.14

sunwapta00.jpg This post is part of our special NOTCOT Alberta Great Escape series thanks to our friends at Travel Alberta. In Part I, Shawn, Bucky, and I are loaded up in the NOTFZJ80 spending a week in Alberta roadtripping, camping, and exploring all that we can fit in… follow the series here to see what inspires us along the way!

Sunwapta Falls - another favorite so far that I definitely need to get back to next time we’re in Jasper National Park (Notice, we haven’t even left, and i’m already planning a trip back?)… We debated whether we were losing too much sun to pull off when we saw the sign, but decided to rush over and see what we could anyhow… and WOW. So worth it, though I can’t wait to see it in bright sunshine! The glacier blue falls come down and around an island then rush into quite the drop before swooping onwards. I could have stood and stared at it all on the bridge for ages… also the tree roots that form steps down to the falls are mesmerizing in their own right. Check it out on the next page.

When you see how tiny Shawn + Bucky are relative to the falls you get a sense of the scale! sunwapta2.jpg

It drops off down under the bridge i’m standing on, then runs into this corner on the other side of the bridge… sunwapta3.jpg

…before heading on its way… sunwapta4.jpg

Here’s a hyperlapse of it in motion!


Up close you realize what an insane drop it is… and the water is moving FAST! sunwapta6.jpg


The tree roots that form great steps as you wander down to the falls… sunwapta8.jpg


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