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The Uncommons, Calgary- 09.10.14

uncommons1.jpg This post is part of our special NOTCOT Alberta Great Escape series thanks to our friends at Travel Alberta. In Part I, Shawn, Bucky, and I are loaded up in the NOTFZJ80 spending a week in Alberta roadtripping, camping, and exploring all that we can fit in… follow the series here to see what inspires us along the way!

It’s been a while since i’ve popped into a store and found myself wanting things from almost every shelf! Well it happened! When in Calgary, you have to go see The Uncommons in Inglewood for awesome giftiness and designer goodies! While there were many of my friends and favorites on the shelves, what made me even more giddy was the amount i hadn’t seen! Amazing way to discover some local Alberta goodness. Sadly much of what is there isn’t on their website… yet! So it’s a store definitely worth popping into in real life. Take a peek on the next page for a look inside the store as well as the taste of Alberta they gifted us!

It was starting to mist as we closed up camp in Waterton, then it was raining while we were on the road to Calgary, and it was wet and snowy by the time we got over to The Uncommons! uncommons2.jpg

Fun products pack every surface the eye can see - from art to mugs to cutting boards to clocks and more… uncommons3.jpg

Love the neon HELLO! And the peg board wall displaying the locally made Forge Apparel waxed canvas bags. uncommons4.jpg

The Uncommons’ Anvil Soap! A hemp soap with activated charcoal and such fun packaging. uncommons5.jpg

The edible section - from local Fiasco Gelato’s milk carton packaged hot chocolates and marshmallows and Porter’s Tonics - meat paintings and a wireframe ox head! uncommons6.jpg

The back room has quite the selection of local Camp Brand Goods as well as Poler and some other outdoors lifestyle goods. We even got to chat with the lovely newlyweds behind Camp Brand Goods - it’s no surprise that they come from a graphic design background when you check out their fun designs. uncommons7.jpg

I feel like I need the Happy Camper top when we’re at camp!

My other favorites - Young Buffalo T and Winter 2014 Patch Set! uncommons18.jpg

Awesome welding masks on the shelves… uncommons9.jpg

The playful IZOLA Paddle Ball Sets uncommons10.jpg

Also… how fun are their fixtures and shelves? Oh! And they were Bucky friendly! You can spot some Mast Bros, Areaware, Baggu, School House Electric and more… uncommons11.jpg

Process Makes Perfect! uncommons12.jpg

Fun wall behind their register. uncommons13.jpg

One of my favorite discoveries - this Populess Scout Mug that LOOKS like enamelware but is actually ceramic! uncommons14.jpg

Bag of goodies from The Uncommons! Sadly it got slightly smooshed (but just the bag!) when i was trying to keep it dry to get it back to the hotel… uncommons15.jpg

Inside are a bunch of local goodies - many of which you’ve seen above! uncommons16.jpg

THANK YOU, The Uncommons, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on all the fun products you stock!

And as for these fantastic prints… are actually a pair from Post Club HQ the postcard subscription service folks! uncommons17.jpg

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There wasn’t a shoutout on either the cutting boards or the awesome concrete little guys pictured above! Those guys are called Concreeps BTW and the teal one you bought is awesome. The cutting boards are by a company called Scotchblocks (check out their Instagram) and the concrete is ConcreteCat (Instagram is awesome and website is concretecat.com). Even better, the two companies are run by cousins from Calgary and Edmonton! I’ve been a huge fan for awhile.

----- Charles 16.09.14 17:45

So happy to see the UnCommons on your blog! There is always something new and exciting in there, not to mention all the packaging, this store is a designers dream. I think the best part about the UnCommons, that keeps me going back, is how wonderful the owners are. They are exceptionally knowledgeable and know the “story” behind everything they carry.

It is great to see such wonderful folks being blogged about. Thanks for sharing!

----- Jamie 11.09.14 10:26

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