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NOTFZJ80: ARB Outback Solutions Drawers- 11.14.14

drawerMAIN.jpg Here’s the latest in our adventures with the NOTFZJ80 - we realized it was time to get more organized before the next trip! So ARB was kind enough to help us out with some of their ARB Outback Solutions Modular Roller Drawer Systems. While we were considering building our own, when it came down to time/energy/money… and weight, it was going to be hard to beat their stainless steel frame, structural ply top with UV stable carpeting and aluminum and plastic details. You can easily customize your configuration between two depths of rolling drawers and fixed or rolling floors. You can stack them, have two side by side, or just install one. While they have special fit kits for popular trucks and SUVs, you can easily adapt them to just about anything you can imagine. (Check out all the details on this pdf.)

After much discussion, we opted for two rolling drawers, both with rolling floors (it’s so convenient! if you don’t want to use one, you can just lock it.), and the fit kit to create a perfectly flushed platform top. When the tailgate is closed, you don’t even see them! While we were tempted to get more drawers to stack, it is nice to leave space for the random things that will inevitably stack up in the trunk, and know you have a chance for some rear visibility. So far i’m loving them - honestly wondering how i haven’t always put these in my previous SUVs. It’s SO useful! They fit a ridiculous amount, open and close so easily, and basically just look like you lifted the floor a bit. Take a look at our unboxing, install, and filling them up on the next page!

Seeing as we knew they’d be going IN the rear, I suppose I knew it would fit, but it was still pretty snug getting these boxes home. drawer1.jpg

We got two Roller Floor Drawer units - some may say it’s because we’re noncommittal, but really, I like the versatility of being able to pull either side out towards me. Short girl + big truck problems? Shawn actually likes rolling them out as a standing table space. drawer2.jpg

Unboxing it, you see that the drawers are fully intact, and the packaging is really just cardboard to protect it. The third smaller box is the vehicle specific side paneling. How organized are these screws and bits? drawer3.jpg

All nicely labeled (until you rip the back off)… and the instructions are not the most straight forward, but we love a good puzzle and with a garage of tools, we were ready to dive in and hope for the best! drawer4.jpg

If you’re self installing - definitely grab the Instruction Manual with the VEHICLE SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS online - our print version didn’t have it included, and it’s definitely helpful!


FYI - despite how the directions lead you - you do NOT have to take the roller tops off fully… and if you do, make SURE they are back on before you attach two units together. Figured this out the hard way.

So essentially, you attach the two drawers to each other, put them in the car, bolt them down, bolt the drawers back in, and add the side mounting kits. drawer5.jpg

Here’s a view from the backseat as we were installing. drawer6.jpg

Getting the side panels installed over the wheel wells. The back panels are fixed, and the front panel you can open with a latch. There’s quite a bit of space to stash things in there. drawer7.jpg

It really is impressive how precisely it all fits… drawerALL0.jpg

…and how clean the back looks now. drawerALL0a.jpg

So how does it work? You see nothing when the tailgate is up. Open it and you see the two drawers. Pop off the side panels to access the sides. Slide out a drawer - or roll a floor out… or slide out drawers and floors together! So many possibilities. And yes, when you roll just the floor, you can reach whatever is in the back of the drawer from the backseat. drawerALL1.jpg

The exteriors of the drawers are velcro friendly - which means it’s perfect for patches, velcro dividers, and more. The interior however, is not. drawerALL0c.jpg

Great details in the design: You can remove the side panels for more storage. When you pull the rolling floors out, you can access the back of the drawers from the back seat. You can lock the rolling floors with a switch on the bottom! drawerALL0b.jpg

Here are some of the other configuration options of the ARB Outback Solutions Modular Roller Drawer SystemsdrawerOPT.jpg

As for ours when packed… you can see there is PLENTY of new usable space. One thing to keep in mind with the rolling floors is the possibility of things falling into the drawers when they are extended, which would block them from closing. Our current solution is to keep things in larger bags/boxes to keep that from happening. With boxes, when you slide the floors out, you can easily reach the rear box to open it! packed1.jpg

The drawers hold a LOT! packed2.jpg

And one of many possible usage configurations - you can easily slide the ice chest or fridge out and still have room to cook on the tailgate. For taller folks, you can even use the pull outs like standing table space. packed3.jpg

To see all the options - check out ARB Outback Solutions Modular Roller Drawer Systems and more on this pdf!

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4 Notes

Thanks for the great pictures. I’m thinking about this same set up for my 80.

Can you tell me how much higher the top of the drawers are than the very bottom of the storage cubby lid on the passenger side?

----- Eric 10.07.15 20:15

I would like to know if they do custom work on vehicles which they do not provide standard kits for? I have a 1972 International Harvestor Scout that I would like to have one installed. Thank you for all the great pictures and information…Montie

----- Montie Vanlandingham 03.02.15 14:03

Thanks for the comment, Tex - we’ve actually been sharing the whole build process (and our adventures!) on NOTCOT! http://www.notcot.com/tag/NOTFZJ80

You can also get a peek through the instagram hashtag - http://iconosquare.com/viewer.php#/tag/notfzj80/

----- jean/NOTCOT 17.11.14 14:56

so cool! when do we get to see all the details of this beastly 4x4?! thanks for sharing!

----- Tex 17.11.14 06:11

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