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Ojai, CA: Summer Camp, FIG, Tipple & Ramble- 11.03.14

ojai0.jpg A friend needed to go pick something up in Ojai yesterday, so i tagged along so long as he let me check out some of the newer little shops in town… We found the adorable Summer Camp in an old gas station, FIG down an incredible vine covered walkway (above!), and picnic store Tipple & Ramble under a bright red woodpecker… see some of the fun products (many of which aren’t online) we discovered on the next page!


First stop Summer Camp! Old gas station turned frame store… that evolved to include all kinds of fun lifestyle goods too! ojai2.jpg

A peek inside… ojai3.jpg

Love these!!! ojai4.jpg

Incredible little pathway down to FIGojai5.jpg

You’ll find everything from recycled glass/sillicon water bottles, laser cut cards, ceramic dog dishes (and the people dishes to match!), as well as plenty of inspirational quotes… ojai6.jpg

The awesome Tipple & Ramble! Everything from picnic goods to patio wares! ojai7.jpg

Super cute shop with an amazing patio space alongside it… fun leather planter holders… and welded metal butterfly chairs! ojai8.jpg

I’m most obsessed by these retro picnic coolers - the company in Texas that brought back the metal patio chairs/tables has also bought the molds for these and is bringing them back in quite the rainbow of colors! … and the taller ones are made to perfectly fit wine bottles even! ojai9.jpg

A few more random peeks of Ojai… from the amazing red headed woodpecker, to the poodle on the sidewalk… random sculptures in one of the many little galleries to buildings covered with bean filled vines! ojai10.jpg

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Can’t wait to check this out - going to Ojai for a little R&R soon!

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