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Packaging + Design of BioLite- 12.11.14

biolitemain.jpg Ok, so by now, it’s pretty well known that BioLite with its “Energy Everywhere” tagline - has everything you need to not only survive, but charge your gadgets whether you’re camping or weathering inclement weather. With their first product, the CampStove you can get things heating with twigs - no fuel needed! AND the energy can be used to power your devices via USB. The Portable Grill is the perfect add on to expand its capabilities… and my favorite, the KettlePot is a brilliant multipurpose piece that not only serves as a pot and kettle, but also a brilliant case/space saver for the CampStove itself! As they keep expending the line - there is now also a Base Camp stove, as well as the KettleCharge for those times when your power goes out, but you can still light the stove - simply boil and charge!

So yes, they are all incredibly functional for a multitude of situations. And our NOTFZJ80 Land Cruiser feels just a bit safer with them packed - just in case! But what i love even MORE than that about the line - is the packaging and design details! Everything is so thoughtfully created… from the minimal recycled packaging that just pops off the shelf (making them extra awesome holiday gifts!) to the playfully elegant color choices, and smart details that make them intuitive to use. They were kind enough to send over the CampStove and Portable Grill before our epic Alberta Adventures, and we had to add the KettlePot into the mix too! Check out all the packaging and design details on the next page!

Such a fun greeting when you open the CampStove! biolite2.jpg

Minimally packaged and packed up in its carrying sack. biolite3.jpg

Graphic detail in the box is lovely! biolite5.jpg

Kick the legs out and assemble! biolite6.jpg

Great graphics! biolite7.jpg

Get a fire going, and you’re ready to go! biolite8.jpg


On to the KettlePot - could the packaging be more fun? Minimal, yet pulls you in with their great graphics and the design of the pot. biolite10.jpg

There’s even a bowl that nests inside where the stove can pop right in… and it has it’s own stuff sack too! biolite11.jpg

Good tip - it definitely helped. Oil up the grooves of the silicone lid! biolite12.jpg

From pot on stove… to stove in pot. biolite13.jpg

Still admire how precisely the stove fits inside the pot. biolite14.jpg

All packed up and ready for adventuring! biolite15.jpg

The grill is a great addition, though packing it is definitely a little harder. biolite16.jpg


Basically kick the legs out, set it over the stove - and get cooking/charging! biolite18.jpg


Here’s a peek at the Base Camp stove and KettleCharge morebio.jpg

For more information on all things Biolite, see their website!

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