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Inspiration: YEG - Edmonton Airport- 02.16.15

yeg0.jpg This post is part of our special NOTCOT Alberta Great Escape series thanks to our friends at Travel Alberta. In Part I, we roadtripped up from LA for a fall adventure. In Part II, we are experiencing all that Alberta Winter has to offer! Follow the series to see what inspires us along the way!

We’re back in Alberta! This time it’s nearly 2 weeks of wintry adventures! Lots and lots of NOTCOT firsts (perfect for kicking off decade 2!) that i can’t wait to experience (and share!) with all of you. But first… instead of roadtripping up from LA like last time, we’ve flown up and rented a car to explore the snowiness properly.

So first stop was YEG, and while the flight from 85 degree weather to below freezing was a smidge nerve racking… and i did feel ridiculous in the LA heat in snow boots (but it was easier to wear than pack them)… I must admit i’ve been excited for a taste of winter, but i never expected to feel so inspired simply stepping off the PLANE! The Edmonton Airport manages to make even waiting in line at immigration more pleasant with a luscious, tall, green living wall! And when you pass through that to baggage claim - there are fun sports dioramas within them - complete with tvs to inform and occupy your time while you wait. Even those who aren’t into sports can’t help but be fascinated. So take a peek on the next page to see what grabbed me (and distracted me) from just how cold it looked as we flew in…

On the way in - stunning sunset as we came down through the clouds to see the snowiness below… and all the lights sparkling as the sun disappeared! yeg1.jpg

Off the plane and immediately greeted by the playful Edmonton columns. yeg2.jpg

Fun shadows from the mobile as you make your way into the terminal… yeg3.jpg

Distracted by the green wall, i totally stopped to take picture and take it all in as people rushed to line up for immigration. yeg4.jpg

The plants were HUGE and grew out from the wall far more than most living walls i’ve encountered. (In retrospect, i wish i had stood up in the wall to show you have far out it came.) yeg5.jpg

Pass through immigration to baggage claim and each carousel is themed with one of their many sports teams! yeg6.jpg

My favorite is definitely the Edmonton Eskimos football team our bag came out under. yeg7.jpg



This is just from the first few… MINUTES! Lots more to come on our Alberta Great Escape!

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