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NOTCOT on Instagram - 02.02.15

insta0.jpg As more of more of the random day to day inspiration ends up on our @NOTlabs Instagram - it seems like a shame not to share it here with more context! So here’s a peek at everything from trying out the leather MOD organizer from This Is Ground to the fun concrete dog dish and minis from IN.SEK Design… trying out the new Plumen 002 bulb in our lasered cardboard light to adventures with my new Samsung Slide-In Gas Range/Convection Oven… and of course more adventures tinkering with the NOTFZJ80 which is getting some electronics upgrades and perhaps a baja trip? See it all and more on the next page!

So nice to see the Plumen 002 bulb in person! It’s far more subtle that the original plumen design, and looks beautiful when exposed (it’d be a shame to put it in a shade that covers it!) insta1.jpg

Currently testing out a MOD Tablet Mini Organizer from the local, LA-based, This Is Ground. It’s super soft leather - i never thought i’d say this, but it’s almost TOO soft? The center dividers are modular and swappable - this is the “shooter” insert for photographers filled with pouches and pockets! They are also magnetic, so i’m finding that when i have a bunch of things in the divider, combined with the supple leather and light magnets, it tends to pop out of the center! Might just need to shuffle what i put in there a bit and see how that goes. insta2.jpg

I love their simple card thats included that tells buyers/recipients that they have exceptional taste! insta3.jpg

NEW STOVE!!! I’ve never been a huge cook - but as i shared earlier - we’ve been cooking more and learning healthier habits - so it seemed like time to upgrade from the basics! Found an awesome deal on this Samsung Slide-In Gas Range with True Convection Oven and it’s like an instant kitchen make over and a fun excuse to learn about stove tech… it even comes with a thermometer you can plug inside the oven… and it has an electric guitar plug! So naturally tried it in an amp to see if magical sounds came out - it did not. insta4.jpg

While i’m definitely appreciating the cast iron stove top grates - next test was the convection oven! You can use it as a normal gas oven, convection oven, or have it auto convert your normal oven settings to convection. So for our first test we decided to test cooking two apple pies (stacked!) and while we were testing pies - did a variation where one had standard apple chunks, and the second had what looked like giant apple pencil shavings. The apple ribbons were a delicious variant - like silky soft ribbon/noodles in the pie! insta5.jpg

It’s instagram - there’s always a crazy sunset or two that sneak in! insta6.jpg

Popping open the NOTFZJ80 roof top tent! Checking things out and planning out improvements before our next adventure… insta7.jpg

We’re thinking about doing an LA to Baja and back roadtrip - have you done it? Would love to hear more if you have! Tips? Spots not to miss? insta8.jpg

Diving into car electronics upgrades and additions… here’s Bucky chilling and sticking his tongue out at me… insta9.jpg

LED Strips! (the waterproof kind) - super excited and have lots of ideas of how these can make camp a bit more comfortable… more to come on that! insta11.jpg

IN.SEK Design sent over a big box of surprises! A new waterbowl for Bucky (that he can see the WHOLE ROOM in while drinking) and awesome concrete boxes and a candle too! insta12.jpg

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