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Buster & Punch LED Buster Bulb- 03.23.15

buster0.jpg Here’s the latest from NOTCOT’s London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw!

Last week we made our way out to the new London Bridge showroom of Buster and Punch for the launch of their new designer LED Buster Bulb. We first met Massimo and the team at Clerkenwell Design Week where we loved their heavy metal light switches. This time, they have announced a stunning designer LED bulb that is 2 years in the making, and designed to look as attractive off as it does on thanks to the metallic sheen! In addition to mood lighting, it also shoots a brighter spot down making it restaurant/desk perfect. Take a look at the stunning display and our first look at the LED Buster Bulbs up close on the next page.

Industrial hardware feel to all the finishing touches like knobs, light switches and even decorative items like candleholders. buster2.jpg

The new LED Buster bulb on display in the Heavy Metal fitings, which come in Steel, Smoked Bronze, and Rose Copper finishes. buster3.jpg

A closer look at the Buster bulb, an LED bulb whose shape is reminiscent of a traditional filament bulb. The LED is housed at the base of the bulb, with striated ridges projecting light both downwards in a focused beam and in a diffuse manner along their lines. buster4.jpg


These beautiful filament gem and teardrop bulbs look stunning, but are far less efficient and long lasting than their LED alternatives. The new Buster bulb aims to provide a beautiful, more efficient alternative, while retaining the style of their filament predecessors.




The new bulb comes in three finishes: gold, smoked and crystal. buster13.jpg

Live With Conviction! Lovely packaging for the new bulb. buster1.jpg

Taking a closer look at the new bub and the central channel which directs the LED’s light both down along its length as well as diffusing light outwards. buster10.jpg


Ooh and while we couldn’t get a great shot of it - here’s a look at how the center focused light, while the rest gives you a nice diffused glow. focuslight.jpg

Learn more about the LED Buster Bulb at Buster and Punch.

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Elegant, modern and very well crafted. Also, the
sockets are sensational!

----- Art Donovan 24.03.15 05:36

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