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Laguna Lodge: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala- 03.21.15

laguna000.jpg Sometimes you need a place to truly relax, hide away, and gather your thoughts. Since we were in Guatemala for Jackson’s wedding, we decided to add on a few days to do just that… and Shawn found the eco-luxury 6 room resort and nature reserve, The Laguna Lodge at Lake Atitlan - the perfect getaway add-on to our Antigua plans. Since the lodge is in Santa Cruz La Laguna, Lake Atitlan, on the western highlands of Sololá, you take a car to Panajachel and then hop on a boat for about 10 minutes. To get anywhere from the lodge you can either hop on another boat, or walk along the pathways along the lakeshore. Though, I honestly can’t tell you much about waving down the boats to hop from town to town, since once we were situated, we realized the ultimate break was really to just hide out at the lodge, explore the 100 acres of nature reserve, delicious locally grown, organic, vegetarian fare, and watch the sunsets over the volcanoes and the lake! Of the 6 suites, the majority of couples we met did seem to be American 20-30 somethings as well - but this was the part of our trip that was more about a stunning oasis tucked away from the chaos of everyday life. Two nights at the Laguna Lodge, and we were feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to get back to reality! Take a look at the stunning space on the next page.

As we headed over from Antigua, our driver was nice enough to let us pop out to take pictures when we first got amazing views of Lake Atitlan and its 3 volcanoes. When we got to Panajachel, there was a boat waiting to take us the few minutes to the lodge. laguna1.jpg

It’s surreal to pull up to the adorable Laguna Lodge tucked into the lakeshore… laguna2.jpg


When our room wasn’t ready yet, they showed us around the two lounge areas, restaurant, spa, and pool, and we curled up to watch the view at the top terrace. laguna4.jpg

Yes there’s a mini gym with full lake views, but the hammock was more my style. Mayan jade chess set in the lower lounge. And there’s tea/coffee/drinks available at night as well. laguna-relax.jpg

The hammock and wood furnished terrace was my favorite area - now if only we could figure out a setup like this at home! laguna-relax1.jpg

Heading into our Quetzal Suite - it’s lovely! Ornate wooden door - the jaguar mask that says “shhhh” is the do not disturb sign. All of the water is solar heated, and the drinking water is all filtered. Even the clock is water powered. Solar panels even charge batteries that power the satellite internet. And while the internet sort of works, i found that the cell reception was great, and sometimes data through that was even better. laguna-room1.jpg

The bed was SO comfortable! We slept like babies the first night - but that might be because of the wedding festivities too… laguna-room2.jpg

There’s no TV service (but there is TV with DVD library in the lounge), but honestly, you’re in the wrong place if that’s what you’re looking for! Instead of a TV, at the foot of the bed, i kept staring at this painting of coffee harvesting from above. laguna-room3.jpg

The patio off the room was so comfortable - there was a papasan like chair in the room, and a couch version on the patio that you could just melt into. laguna-room4.jpg

… and the VIEWS. You could tell that the whole place was designed around the views. Even when you’re showering, you have a window to look through your room to see the view. laguna-room5.jpg

You can’t stare out at the lake and volcanoes and occasional boats and not feel a sense of calm wash over you. laguna-room6.jpg


As for the Nature Reserve - there are a few trails you can wander! trails.jpg

When we first got in, we wandered up a bit to explore it, but mostly to take in the stunning views before the sunset. laguna-eco1.jpg

Could solar panels on the roof tops look any more dramatic capturing the suns rays? laguna-eco2.jpg

Even at the candle lit, rose petal sprinkled dinners, we were staring at the views. The first night you could see an amazing lightning storm in the distance that lit up the whole sky! laguna-eco3.jpg

Known for their vegetarian menu - even us non-vegetarians were loving it. The spices and flavors paired with such incredibly fresh ingredients was delicious. Their carrot, beet, lettuce juice is mmmmmmmm too! Fresh soups and salads, veggie lasagna, phylo pastry filled with veggies… and the least photogenic, but perhaps most delicious… desserts! From a tiramisu to a banana tart. [Side note: we were obsessed with how sweet and delightful the bananas were in Guatemala!] laguna-food.jpg

The sunsets just don’t get old… laguna-view1.jpg


The lodge mascot was Shiva, who’s living the dream! Playing with the visitors and other dogs that pass by and lounging in the sun throughout the property. laguna-shiba.jpg


Breakfast views! laguna-food2.jpg

Oooh breakfast was SO good… also lunch/snacks. Yes, we basically ate, lounged, and slept our way through the few days at Laguna Lodge! laguna-food1.jpg

This was exactly what we needed! laguna-relax2a.jpg

And when we didn’t feel like hiking straight up the mountainside… you can walk along these paths to the other towns. It was trippy to look down and see where the old paths had been - over the last few years the lake has risen a few dozen feet. In 2010-2011 alone it rose 15 ft! bridges.jpg

Ahhhhh…. so relaxing! laguna-view3.jpg


So if you’re looking to just escape for a bit, and find yourself in Guatemala - I definitely suggest a few nights hiding out at the Laguna Lodge!

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thanks to you i did some reasearch and the papasan type chair you mention it´s named mamasan!.. now I have one coming from Costa Rica next week :D! thanks!

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