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Patagonia Worn Wear Tour + Delia- 04.03.15

wornwear0.jpg “IF IT’S BROKE, FIX IT!” That’s the motto of the Patagonia Worn Wear initiative. While the creation of new things can not be 100% waste/harm/etc-free, we can do our part by using things for as long as possible and consuming less! And a huge part of that comes from taking care of the things we have - from cleaning and caring to repairing when needed, especially when it comes to clothes! So yesterday we joined Patagonia at their Ventura, CA HQ for the launch of the Worn Wear TOUR!

The incredible Delia is setting off across the US - and this stunning Worn Wear Rig designed and built by Jay Nelson is a biodiesel ‘93 Dodge Cummins D250 fitted with salvaged redwood wine barrels and sewing machines inside! It is also being followed by a truck with an adorably woody store of used/vintage Patagonia goods inside! Meet up with the tour across the US and bring your broken clothes and they will help you fix it up - from rips and tears to broken zippers and more… it doesn’t even have to be Patagonia. Take a peek at the great design details on the next page…

After seeing these press photos, how could i pass up a chance to see Delia in person? wornwear1.jpg


Patagonia HQ in Ventura, CA since 1973! It was a lunch party complete with BBQ, Clothing Swap… and of course the launch of the Worn Wear TOUR! wornwear3.jpg


If it’s broke, fix it! wornwear5.jpg

Here’s Delia the redwood wine barreled biodiesel Dodge, and the follow truck. wornwear6.jpg







While the Worn Wear Rig grabs more attention first… the interior of this follow truck will surprise you! wornwear13.jpg


Looking inside to the left… wornwear17.jpg

… to the right! wornwear18.jpg

Here’s the path the Worn Wear Tour will take - they should be on their way up to SF right now! wornwear19.jpg

Even under the racks, a little bookshelf of inspiring reading! wornwear20.jpg

At the event they even had a table where you can repair any piece available and then keep it! wornwear21.jpg

On great branding - love their Worn Wear patches and stickers. wornwear23.jpg

Delia from the other side. wornwear24.jpg

While Worn Wear is great for awareness, that doesn’t mean we can’t fix and care for our own goods to make them last! So i gave in to the awesome little Patagonia Expedition Sewing Kit which is filled with a 2-piece, machined awl made of high-quality 7075 aluminum alloy, two heavy-duty needles, nylon thread, waxed polyester thread and cotter pin, Tenacious Tape™ adhesive patch, thread (ten different colors), two sewing needles, two buttons and two safety pins all in a two-pocket, recycled polyester faux suede carrying case. wornwear25.jpg

You can basically make sewing machine stitches by hand! wornwear26.jpg

As for how Delia the Worn Wear Rig was made… wornwear27.jpg

See more in this video!

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You are so right! It pays to treat one’s stuff well - and repair it, instead of just buying new every time. I’ve had my pair of hiking boots re-soled, which cost me 50€, but I’ll never ever find a pair of the same quality at that price… (the brand is Nomad, by the way)

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