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NOTFZJ80: Taylor Creek + Lake Isabella- 07.19.15


We needed to go get lost… in the woods… away from all our screens for a little bit. So Shawn loaded up Bucky and I in the NOTFZJ80, and we headed north! The California drought is no joke… so we weren’t sure what to expect on our hunt for greenery and running water, but luckily we found a bit (though not as much as there once was!) up at the Kern River, and found an amazing camp site alongside Taylor Creek. Falling asleep to the sound of the creek rushing by was amazing - and Bucky just couldn’t get enough of the fresh snow melt and spring water flowing through. While we didn’t do much other than relax and explore - i couldn’t help snapping a few pics on my phone - so take a peek at what we found on the next page!

The cows of Big Meadow! taylor1.jpg

Stunning contrast of colors… taylor2.jpg



We met the funniest, fastest, most curious cow trio… they came RUNNING up to the car… and galloped off just as quickly! taylor5.jpg

Taylor Creek! Pretty much all of socal is in extreme fire warning… so no fires allowed! Gas stoves only. taylor6.jpg

First things first - to the creek! This pretty much sealed the deal when we were deciding where to pop up camp. taylor7.jpg

Park/Level the car… pop the tent! taylor8.gif

Mmmmmmm creek. taylor9.jpg

Exploring! taylor10.jpg

Sunset… taylor11.jpg

(p.s. SMASHcone! Smashball paddles meet endless pinecones from the pines surrounding our camp = tons of fun for humans and dog. Bucky runs around to snatch and crunch on every missed shot!)

America! The last group left their festive 4th of july decor. And our LED tent light test was fantastic! Life changing even! I was amazed how well lit (without being TOO bright) we could make it inside the tent, and the ARB tent kept the light from lighting us up like a lantern from the outside. You could only see the light through open windows. taylor12.jpg

Heading back past Big Meadow in the distance. taylor13.jpg



The Kern River! While it definitely wasn’t at full white water rafting strength, many were out floating in tubes and fly fishing. taylor16.jpg

… wandering down to the river. taylor17.jpg

Moments before Bucky realized sliding in for a swim was inevitable… taylor18.jpg

…climbing back out after his refreshing swim! taylor19.jpg

So quiet out on the river! taylor20.jpg

Stopped off for the “world famous” McNally’s Burgers - delicious! And bucky curled up under the bench drying off. taylor21.jpg

On the way back, we were too curious not to wander down to the shores of Lake Isabella. taylor22.jpg

So surreal to see egrets, pelicans, sand pipers flitting about the drying out lake beds… taylor23.jpg

The colors! taylor24.jpg


map-600.jpg … as for where we wandered… The Xs mark camp, McNally’s, and Lake Isabella! Click to view larger.

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Cool trip!

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