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Packaging: Laser Cut Wood… Crate? - 07.21.15

frbox0.jpg Just stumbled across these pictures in my phone and had to share!

Imagine ordering drawers, and they arrive in a big laser cut (and etched or stamped - depending on size) wood crate. With the panels interlocking like a puzzle, and screwed to the drawers themselves to minimize any damage or excessive packaging! And bonus? Looks like after unboxing, the pieces would easily pop back together as a coffee table or kids play table. Apparently Front Runner Outfitters HQ in South Africa is testing out this new packaging, and I got to see a few in their US showroom and warehouse. The rope handles are a nice touch too! And when unboxing it, unlike a crate where you might need a crowbar and be careful avoiding nails, for this one you simply need to undo the screws.

I love the concept of packaging that minimizes waste, protects the product well, shows of the branding nicely… and can be easily upcycled by the end user! Also fun to see such creative use of laser cutting. See more pictures of them on the next page.

p.s. FYI while i’d be tempted to order some of these just to play with the packaging… not all of them are packaged this way… yet?

So far there seem to be two different sizes of this custom packaging for their smaller and larger drawer systems. frbox1.jpg






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3 Notes

Love the crates!

----- Kristy Harper 30.07.15 15:04

Morgan - this is basically product packaging being mailed to the end consumer - so maybe instead of excessive cardboard/foam. I doubt it’s really intended to be reused/forklifted.

----- Jean/NOTCOT 23.07.15 09:55

So this is for people to pick up and to be used once to deliver something?.I ask because if it ever need to be moved by fork lifts very often it will be destroyed. I work in the show installation industry and we move everything with crates, even tough crates are shredded eventually, the real world and design don’t always match.

----- Morgan 22.07.15 20:31

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